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Wet & Whitby

Article: Karen Ruffles of Grin, Grimace and Squeak!

For the first time in about five years, I made it back to Whitby for goth weekend- just in time for monsoon season :) I knew the forecast wasn't great so had hedged my bets and turned up in my trusty little green frock with matching vine mask. The only thing I hadn't prepared for was the wind - first stop was the spa complex and my false lashes didn't even make it down from the car park! I was therefore pleasantly surprised and not a little proud to see how many people had still got out their finery and batttled their way into town, even making it as far as the beach.

Whitby gothic weekend : Alternative culture

Not to be outdone, I donned our devil mask, petticoats and bustle jacket for trading on Saturday, hanging on for dear life to the handrails to avoid being blown out to sea.

After untangling my hair from my horns (being a goth can be complicated) I waited to see what the day would bring us. It was my first time trading at Whitby, courtesy of Madame Dees Creations who let me have a corner of her table to test the waters.

Everyone was so friendly, both stall holders and visitors, it made me very glad to be back - I've really missed the atmosphere and am very much looking forward to having a stand of our own in November.

Whitby gothic weekend

With bands on at the spa, fringe events and of course the bizarre bazaar, there was more than enough to fill a weekend but I have to say, my favourite pastime at Whitby is people watching :) Asides from the fabulous costumes, it's just nice to see so many happy people, friends meeting up, families out together.

The next one runs from Hallowe'en to bonfire night and is set to be a belter, so if you're going to join me get your accommodation booked early. WGW made national news this April -even a feature in The Guardians' culture section so we're expecting a fantastic turnout. See you there!

Whitby photos courtesy of Robert Slassor