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What to Wear On a Night out In a Casino

Although you can opt for the casual look in some places, if you are going to do it, then do it right. Find the most glamorous casino near you, get dressed up and make a night of it. After all, a night out in a casino can be really good fun. If, like many people, you have been trying your hand at online casino sites, such as and are thinking of taking your new found skills to real thing, you need to look the part.

mens suit

Appearances are everything in a casino. If you want to be taken seriously at the poker table, you are going to have to look like you know your craft. For the gambling man out there, you can get away with wearing a smart polo-shirt and trousers, but you can also pull off a smart suit or even a tuxedo, which, let's be honest, is a lot more fun.

Men can find some great suits on the high street these days, with many shops having a tailored section with a selection of different styles and cuts. At the moment, slim fit is one of the more popular styles and you can finds some quirky, dapper designs such as this suit from Reiss. It demonstrates how you can wear a suit without looking like you are heading off to work.

Coast dress, £550 & House of Fraser, £130

And for the women out there, don't be outshone by your man wearing this suit. Find a fabulous dress for an elegant and sophisticated look that is sure to get some double takes as you take your seat at the roulette table. For example, this full length dress from coast is stunning and if you want to go all out then this is the dress.

Alternatively, if you want a wow dress that is more a cocktail style, this classic LBD from House of Fraser is also perfect a night out in a casino.