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Alt Fashion End of year poll 2015 - UK Model

Lady Amaranth

Winner: Lady Amaranth - 39% of the public vote

A model who is well recognised for her beautifully gothic work, proving that her talent has no bounds, taking on photography for some astounding images this past year alongside her modelling work.

Image credits:

Model: Lady Amaranth

Photographer: Marija Buljeta Photography

Jewellery: Rosalyn Gothic Jewelry

Sarah Tonin

2nd place: Sarah Tonin - 34% of the public vote

Last year's winner returns, an alternative model who's known for her unique, colourful style, that's certainly caught your attention. As well as being a talented make up artist and supporting artiste. | (NSFW)

Image credits:

Model/MUA: Sarah Tonin

Photographer: Leona Turford Photography

Jewellery - Niziblian

Wig - Ghoulia's Peculiar's

Rosie Flame

3rd place: Rosie Flame - 27% of the public vote

A model who's graced the cover of Fae magazine, with a varied portfolio of fashion to fetish work making her one of your favourites.

Image credits:

Model: Rosie Flame

Photographer: Vern

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