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Alt Fashion End of year poll 2015 - UK Company

The Dark Angel

Winner: The Dark Angel - 52% of the public vote

Last year's winners have done it again, with their beautifully gothic and fairytale like attire, that's made them a fan favourite as they've caught your eye once again this year.

Offend My Eyes

2nd place: Offend My Eyes - 30% of the public vote

Their unique brand of alternative attire has certainly caught your attention, with designs that are as bold and brash as ever, and are certainly bound to you noticed!

Image credits:

Photographer - Gary Whitehouse Photography

Model - Scarlette Savage

The Rogue + The Wolf

3rd place: The Rogue + The Wolf - 18% of the public vote

Their amazing jewellery designs have made them a firm favourite amongst our fans, with beautifully dark pieces that you just can't wait to adorn.

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