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Staying in is the new going out : Getting through life on lockdown.

Even before the current lockdown we were already opting to stay in over going out. Who needs to spend the weekend (virtually) drinking with the gals when you could be befriending another box set on Netflix.. As we embrace our new self isolation life, we've discovered the joys of staying in.

Woman doing yoga : Tips for staying in

When you find yourself in isolation it can be daunting at first, we've already been embracing our new self isolation life for the past week here in the UK, but as things could look set to stay this way for longer as we aim to flatten the curve. We'll all be looking for ways to keep ourselves busy.

As staying in becomes the new going out, we're all finding new ways to connect and embrace our new home life. Whether your working from home, or simply on a long break, there's plenty of ways to pass the time during lockdown.

Cutting a sewing pattern : Get crafty

Get crafty

There's never been a better time to embrace a new craft, or re-discover an old hobby. Whether it's knitting up some spooky delights, or sewing yourself a new outfit, why not pass the time with a new d.i.y project.

Go green

Bring the outdoors inside and create your own indoor garden. Why not tend to your own potted plants, grow some herbs, or re-house some flowers into new plant pots – what better an excuse to use some gothic skull plant pots!

Have a binge

Box-set binge that is! Whilst this may be the new norm for most of us on the weekend, now you can have a guilt-free binge knowing that your doing it for a good reason. Whether it's re-visiting an old favourite, or catching up on a new series.

Cutting a sewing pattern : Get crafty

Create some magical treats

Whisk up some magic in the kitchen and get baking. We love a good batch of spooky treats, and what better time to make some undead gingerbread men, or devil's food cupcakes!

Learn something new

Take this bit of downtime to take up a new skill. It's never been easier to take up something new. Whether it's brushing up on some make up techniques on You Tube or Instagram, or learning a new language.

Did you know that you can even learn Klingon and High Valyrian on Duolingo?! We know what we'll be doing!

Some final words..

As staying in becomes the new norm, we'll certainly be finding plenty of things to do to keep ourselves busy.

But remember to find some time to relax, whether it's practising yoga, or having a long soak in the tub with some bewitching treats. Just take a moment to unwind and remember that we'll get through this.

Image credits (in order shown): theformfitness @ Pexels | Polina Zimmerman @ Pexels | JÉSHOOTS @ Pexels