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Shoes Glorious Shoes!

The best thing about alternative fashion is the freedom to explore. Conventional styles can enforce strict limitations on style, whereas those who tend towards a more unusual aesthetic seemingly have access to a lot more variety. From rockabilly to cyber-Goth, the opportunity to mix-and-match fashions from different subcultures is exceptional, and has given individuals the chance to treat fashion as an art form.

Fyfo shoes : Alternative fashion

However, there's one particular item in the alternative world that is of the utmost importance, shoes. A good shoe takes you good places, which is why beautiful shoes should always be the first thing you consider when putting an outfit together.

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There are some amazing alt shoe brands out there, from Iron Fist to T.U.K., meaning you don't have to spend a single day in substandard footwear. A whole host of alternative shoe manufacturers have made it into the mainstream based on the strength and durability of their products. Dr. Martins, Converse and, more recently, Creepers, have been gracing the finest feet for many years. But what other designers are worth keeping an key on?

Fyfo shoes : Alternative fashion

Here's a round-up of the hottest alternative shoes money can buy. We think, in our humble opinion, that these brands are producing the most exciting and innovative collections in the alt industry. After all, you use your feet every day, so you might as well treat them to the best. Fuel Your Fashion Online and shop top brands at competitive prices.

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