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Is your inner geek itching to profess your love for brain chomping zombies to the world? Or are you simply a bit of a movie buff looking for some wardrobe worthy merch? Either way whether it's comedic slogans, or little tributes to your favourite films that take your fancy you're going to love Nerdoh.

Nerdoh : Alternative clothing

Already a firm favourite with movie buff Jonathan Ross, Nerdoh create the kind of film t-shirts you wish you'd laid your hands on sooner. With designs inspired by films from sci-fi to comedy, you may spot some rather familiar logos amongst their designs.

From the iconic with Star Wars 'Mos Eisley Cantina' designs, to the 'Big kahuna burger' from Pulp fiction; to the plain ol' geeky with plenty of zombie designs including the 'I got wood' tee from Shaun of the dead.

We took our fancy to a couple of our film fave's to test drive; the infamous Nostromo from Aliens, & a little tribute to Army of Darkness with their Shop smart. Shop S-Mart tee.

Despite our inner geeks we're here to test the wear of these inventive tees out! The quality for starters is astounding, I've had some pretty appallingly printed garments in the past, but these can't be faulted a single bit.

Nerdoh : Aliens t-shirt

Both the t-shirt fabric and the print is of a high quality, even though one of the designs is intended to be distressed looking it certainly doesn't look like someone's been chipping away at the print to create that 'aged' look, it's printed out wonderfully.

Nerdoh : Army of Darkness t-shirt

They're a great fit too, both being ladies fit they actually are a ladies fit too so the sizing's spot on.

Of course it's that added bonus getting to smirk to yourself whilst walking around wearing your Nostromo t-shirt...

There's certainly plenty of designs to pick from whatever your movie of choice, and it's not just t-shirts, Nerdoh also print their designs on hoodies, caps, heck even towels if you fancy kitting your bathroom our with some Bates motel towels.

Go on you know you need to treat the inner geek within! Shop online at