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Alternative fashion is all about being at the cutting edge of the industry, doing things a little bit differently the mainstream side of fashion. Designer Nange Magro is certainly doing just that with her latest project Mechapolypse.

Mechapolypse : the light up dress

Science meets fashion with her project, a light up dress which is designed to change shape & light up based on the level of brain concentration from the wearer. Certainly something you'd imagine fitting in the wardrobe department of a sci-fi movie.

The electronic couture is the perfect futuristic shape, one that would make most cyber goth's weap then claw away at their purses to grab one. With perfect angular cuts shaping the dress, constructed from sheer fabric, latex, fiber optics and motors. The garment is characterized by the use of a brain-computer interface to change the shapes of the dress.

Utilizing an EEG device (electroencephalography) to measure the electrical activity of the brain which makes it possible to control the technology systems used in the dress, such as LED lights or servo motors which Nange has used to give the garment its dynamic qualities.

The magic as it were, happens in the spine of the dress, where there are three bundles of fiber optics which separately turn on, synchronized to the level of concentration. Resulting in elements of the dress moving & changing shape, as well as sparking those LED lights to light up the dress. Certainly a great way to create different looks on the go, a piece that's never really the same whenever you wear it.

Mechapolypse : the light up dress

Nange created the digital dress from an interest in electronics & technology where she believes the future of fashion is. Combining technology with fashion to create the dress. Following the creation of her Mechapolypse project, she is also working on developing other ideas that can work on an artistic/performance and a commercial scale to continue this technology developing so you certainly haven't seen the last of her electronic couture.

You can view Mechapolypse and her other projects over at &