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Review : "Making Steampunk Jewellery" by Nikki Druce.

The world of steampunk is full of imagination, sparking creativity in those who adorn this lavish Victorian attire. With so many wonderful aspects to this look, just where do you start to piece together your perfect steampunk outfit? Author Nikki Druce's newest book "Making Steampunk Jewellery" is here to help you along, with some helpful and inspiring projects to create the perfect items for a steampunk look that's completely unique to you.

Making Steampunk Jewellery Book : Alternative DIY

It's an alternative style that has certainly captured our imagination, with it's apocalyptic take on the classic Victorian look, mixing the industrial age with modern technology and a touch of elegance. Steampunk is a style that truly embraces the DIY ethos of alternative fashion, why buy the same pre-made items are everyone else, when you could make your own stunning leatherette harness, or a beautiful floral brooch to pin to your best Victorian jacket!

"Making Steampunk Jewellery" has an abundance of projects for you to try, helping you to piece together the perfect steampunk outfit with your own creations.

With over twenty five projects included inside for unique pieces of steampunk jewellery and accessories, you can create everything from scratch yourself!

Making Steampunk Jewellery book : Alternative crafting

With in depth instructions on each project, including a handy introduction to jewellery making so you pick up the essential tools of the craft and really start making your own pieces to perfection. Whether your a keen beginner, or an experienced crafter, there's tutorials at all levels to create some stunning steampunk items. Ranging from simple cog and cameo necklaces, to stylish fascinators and bejewelled insect hat pins. There's even something for the steampunk gent, with tutorials for pocket watches and leather cuffs.

Filled with helpful tips throughout, you'll find plenty inside to start creating your own pieces of stunning steampunk jewellery, allowing you to create something that's truly unique to you. Now you'll just need to decide which project to start on first!

A handy guide for newcomers and experienced crafters, with plenty of projects to inspire you. Whether you want to create a pair of gaunlets to complete your newest steampunk outfit, or a beautiful draped chain necklace that you can adorn at any time, you'll find plenty of handy tutorials to get you started.

"Making Steampunk Jewellery" is out now, published by Crowood Press, and written by Nikki Druce, owner of Devine Delinquents.