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Latex becomes a work of art with Yummy Gummy Latex

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Latex design has never looked this creative, thanks to the innovative design of Yummy Gummy Latex, latex clothing has become incredibly artistic, creative, and simply breathtaking. Helping to turn this fashionable, fetish fabric, into something that's far beyond it's roots, and they've certainly been catching our attention.

Yummy Gummy Latex dress

Whether it's with Pollock inspired designs, otherworldly space like prints, or simply just gorgeously glittery latex, Yummy Gummy Latex have turned the creation of latex fabric into a work of art. A company well known for supplying their fantastical fabric to latex designers, Yummy Gummy don't just make their own sheets of latex for others, they've also turned their hand towards a range of innovative and creative latex clothing.

Yummy Gummy started it's life as a sheet latex company, providing high quality, medical grade latex to keen designers and home crafters, bringing a touch of couture into fabric, by supplying customers with custom made fabrics that can bring your designs truly to life.

Whilst their fabric has been helping to inspire designers to create unique designs, it's easy to see how they've made the jump to designing their own unique latex wares.

Yummy Gummy Latex skirt

With a range of high fashion latex clothing and accessories, their ready to wear range is just as artistic as the fabric that they sell, with art splattered prints, and latex lace fabric helping to shape a range of figure hugging dresses, on trend crop tops, and even men's shirts. Available in a range of fabrics and sizes, Yummy Gummy have certainly proved that they know their latex.

Making their debut at LondonEdge's February show, we're certainly that alt fashionistas will be queueing up to get a peek at their wares during the show. Whether it's fabric supply for your own latex designs, or snapping up some of their signature pieces for your shop, you'll certainly want to pay them a visit.

To find out more about Yummy Gummy Latex, and to find their full range of fabrics and clothing visit

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