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Alt Fashion End of year poll 2015 - International Designer


Winner: Eva Zolnar - 47% of the public vote

Fashion meets science for some astoundingly futuristic designs, that make cyber style look as fashionable as ever, making designer Eva Zolnar one of your favourites this year.

Image credits:

Photographer: Boris Skorbin

Model: Yana Dudenic

Stylish/MUA: Tatjana Grigorjeva

Hair: Oksana Kirilenko


2nd place: Forge - 34% of the public vote

An incredibly creative designer, turning their hand towards beautifully bespoke pieces of corsetry and costume, for some astounding pieces of alt couture attire.

Image credits:

Model: Eleine

Photographer: Felicia Puschl Photography

Crown: Hysteria Machine

Jewellery: Sinners&Saviours Arts and Crafts

Corset & girdle: Forge

Mother of London

3rd place: Mother of London - 19% of the public vote

This alternative designer has long been making waves with their astounding pieces of couture attire, and their beautiful designs are still one of your firm favourites.

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