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Alt Fashion End of year poll 2015 - International Company


Winner: Punkrave - 41% of the public vote

Inspired by punk, gothic lolita and visual kei, Punkrave have created a stylish range of alternative designs that take on everything from victorian gothic fashion, to brash punk style. Their mix of wonderfully dark alternative fashion has made them one of your favourites this year.

Lip Service

2nd place: Lip service - 31% of the public vote

Last year's nominees return, a long standing Alt Fashion favourite who continue to release stylish, on trend designs year after year, so it's no wonder that we're still lusting for their wares.

Hades Footwear

3rd place: Hades Footwear - 28% of the public vote

Last year's winner returns with a collection comprised of beautifully crafted gothic, steampunk, and punk styled footwear, that's caused many a case of shoe envy, and made them one of your most wanted companies this year. |

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Model: Shelly d'Inferno

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