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Alt Fashion's guide to fashion contact lenses.

This Halloween no doubt you'll be turning towards a pair of fashion lenses to complete your look, whether you want a pair to add the perfect finishing touch to your ghoulish outfit, or you fancy adding a pair to your clubwear attire for more permanent use, here's our handy guide to fashion contact lenses.

Gothic black out contact lenses

Whether you want to go for a pair of cosplay inspired wide eye lenses, a set of white out Manson style lenses or the perfect undead shade of grey for a zombie outfit, there's never been a better selection of fashion lenses to choose from. Every style, and shade imaginable is available to buy to add the perfect change to your look, whether it's permanent, or for a evening out.

With such a vast choice of lenses to go for it's often hard to know where to start, firstly we'd recommend going to a reputable retailer for your fashion lenses, there are plenty out there with sites like You Know It, Four eyez and Crazy Lenses all selling a vast range of contact lenses.

Short sighted? Fret not, you'll also find a wide range of prescription fashion lenses available, with a much better choice today than in previous years. You'll be surprised at what you can find, so there's no need to spend an evening squinting to wear those white out contacts.. for example, at Four Eyez, some of their designs are available for minus prescriptions, we'd always recommend talking to your optician first before buying prescription contact lenses, especially if you've never worn them before, they can talk you through the choices available for colour lenses in your prescription.

Now that you've found a shop with the right choice of lenses for you what to go for? There's a world of choices out there, whether you want a patterned lens, or a plain coloured pair. Contact lenses come in a vary of types, from one use lenses to monthly lenses. Contact lenses that you'll find in blister packs often tend to be one use contacts, much like daily disposable lenses; wear them once then throw them away afterwards, we certainly wouldn't recommend keeping these for another wear.

Contact lenses

Lenses in glass tubes tend to be multi-use, varying from fortnightly to monthly, so it's best to read the instructions with the pack to be sure.

You can wear these out then safely store them for another use, a screw lid contact lens case is a great investment to look after these, simply place your lenses in sterile contact solution in the case and keep them for another use. You can find all in one kits which come complete with these, alongside lens cases and solution at reputable retailers selling contact lenses.

If it's a prescription pair that you're buying be sure to check with your optician on which solution is best to safely store them, there's many different types for different lenses so you'll want to make sure that your using the right one to store your lenses.

Before you put those lenses in, remember to pre-soak them in solution beforehand, if they've come in a blister pack your lenses should be ready for use. Take your time when fitting your lenses, you may want to try them out beforehand, or pop them in a couple of hours before you intend to wear them out if it's a disposable pair that your wearing, just to get used to the lenses.

Finding them uncomfortable? Pre soak them for a few hours before wearing them, if they're starting to irritate you take them out and pop a few eye drops in your eyes. Leave the lenses out for a few hours, or better still a day if you can, then try again. It's always best to allow your eyes to rest if your having any difficultly with your lenses rather than irritating them further.

Afterwards, if it's a disposable pair simply throw them into your bin to be disposed. If it's a multi-use pair place them in your case to store them. You may want to pop some eye drops in your eyes as contacts can dry them out, to refresh your eyes after wearing the lenses.

Above all, get your know your lenses and by all means have fun with them, there's plenty of fashion lenses out there to try, why not take a peek at our directory site for a list of UK sites selling fashion contacts.

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