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Alt Fashion End of year poll 2016

The winners are finally unveiled in our End of year poll for 2016, you certainly had a lot of favourites to nominate this year, with some firm favourites from last year's poll coming through once again for the public vote.

As always, it's been a rather close one, with just a few mere votes standing between the nominees. We've counted up the votes and added up your nominations to unveil this year's winners in the End of year poll.

Congratulations to our winners, and all of our nominees!

End of year poll 2016 UK company : Alt Fashion

UK Company


The Rogue + The Wolf, Offend My Eyes & Family Of The Dead.

Winner : The Rogue + The Wolf >>>

End of year poll 2016 UK designer : Alt Fashion

UK Designer


Hysteria Machine, Black Doll Boutique & Curiology

Winner : Curiology >>>

End of year poll 2016 UK shop : Alt Fashion

UK Shop


Sai Sai, Swirl Clothing & Void Clothing

Winner : Void Clothing >>>

End of year poll 2016 UK web shop : Alt Fashion

UK Web Shop


The Gothic Shop, Kates Clothing & Little Booteek

Winner : The Gothic Shop >>>

End of year poll 2016 UK model : Alt Fashion

UK Model


Ella Amethyst, SINderella Rockafella & Madame Mae Vis

Winner : Ella Amethyst >>>

End of year poll 2016 UK photographer : Alt Fashion

UK Photographer


Horrify Me, Alex Kie & Lunaesque

Winner, 2nd year running : Horrify Me >>>

End of year poll 2016 International company : Alt Fashion

International Company


Sinister, Dark in Love & Corsette

Winner : Sinister >>>

End of year poll 2016 International designer : Alt Fashion

International Designer


Eva Zolnar, Skadi Jewellery & Linda Friesen.

Winner, 2nd year running : Eva Zolnar >>>

End of year poll 2016 International web shop : Alt Fashion

International Web Shop


The Black Angel, Wonderland 13 & Dolls Kill

Winner : Wonderland 13 >>>

End of year poll 2016 International model : Alt Fashion

International Model


Obsidian Kerttu, Dragonfly & Elisanth

Winner : Obsidian Kerttu >>>

End of year poll 2016 International photographer : Alt Fashion

International Photographer


Beatriz Mariano, Lillian Liu Photography & John Wolfrik

Winner : Beatriz Mariano >>>