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Discover some amazing alternative and retro styles at LondonEdge.

Explore a vibrant, creative, and stylish range of alternative attire at LondonEdge, as they unveil some amazing looks ahead of their forthcoming show this September. Where else could you find pastel toned glitter dusted outfits, next to alluring mid century inspired attire?! You'll certainly be spoilt for choice, whatever you adore.

Alternative fashion at LondonEdge

There's always something that you'll love at LondonEdge, showcasing a broad range of alternative and vintage inspired styles, bringing you the latest new season picks to shop from. This season, they've hand picked some amazing finds from their exhibitors, showcasing some unique alternative looks that are bound to catch your eye.

Glittery alternative fashion at LondonEdge

Discover a candy coated, glittery world of 90's inspired alternative attire, with some kawaii, pastel toned finds by Frilly Pops - where else could you find pom pom earrings and stylish fluffy garlands! Mixed up with colourful, plastic fantastic accessories by Jelly Jolly, and a generous sprinkling of glitter by FromNicLove - with their magical pots of glitter and fluttery mermaid lashes! Finished off with some amazing attire by This Sweet Year and Fictional Character.

LondonEdge - Glitter Grrl

Give the look a punky makeover with some dark fashion accessories by Funkplus, Bepapaia, and Extreme Largeness, with all the studded, spiked, and strapped accessories that you'd ever need to complete your look in style.

Vintage style at LondonEdge

If it's something with more of a vintage flair that you adore, then you won't be disappointed by the selection of retro, mid century, and vintage inspired attire at September's show. Taking in a retro feel with some stylish wears by Banned and Collectif - already adored for their modern take on classic vintage looks.

Channel some classic mid century style with tie tops, classic cut skirts, and dresses by The Seamstress of Bloomsbury. Finishing the look off in true 50's style with some vintage inspired attire by Zoe Vine, House of Foxy, Unique Vintage, and Miss Candyfloss.

Vintage style at LondonEdge

Swing out in style with some retro styles frocks by Lindy Bop, and Hearts & Roses, adding a vibrant pop of colour with their playful dresses.

Vintage style at LondonEdge

Whether it's classic vintage style, or glittering, kawaii looks that you adore, you'll find plenty of amazing alternative attire from these exhibitors and many more at September's show, including the likes of Offend My Eyes, Phaze, TUK, and Manic Panic.

LondonEdge opens it's doors on September 3rd - 4th at The Business Design Centre, Islington, N1. For further details and to register for your tickets visit Entrance is strictly trade only.

Images c/o LondonEdge.

Photography/Styling: Nicola Mary Wyatt

Models: Lemonadejar & Pip Jolley