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Delightfully dark alternative clothing by Drawing In Dark.

Whitby artist unveils their latest wares.

Drawing In Dark skull t-shirt : Alternative fashion

Now you can wear something that's as dark as ever, in the blackest of blacks, as Whitby based artist Drawing In Dark has just released possibly the gothest t-shirt ever.

Skull tote bag : Gothic fashion

Starting with an actual human skull, she built a dark box to photograph it in, reflected in a black mirror to ensure the deepest shadows and then drew that - in all black pencil, naturally.

Drawing in dark skull tee : Gothic clothing

Not satisfied with just the one skull, she's had it printed onto soft style t-shirts (black of course) as modelled here by the lovely Ellone Andreea, in Bellu Cemetery, Bucharest.

And if that wasn't enough, for transporting your own skulls and other goth essentials, there's sturdy tote bags and accessories to go in them such as pocket mirrors and bookmarks.

It's not just gothic skulls though, all of these lovely things are also available in bat over at Drawing In Dark:, where you can sink your claws into their latest designs featuring their artwork.

Image credits: Images 1 & 3 - Ellone Andreea / Image 2 - Drawing In Dark