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Delightfully dark treats to tempt this Halloween.

Spooky sweet and wonderfully dark, we just love the selection of ghoulish treats to be had this Halloween. Every year it's another excuse to stock up on those seasonal finds to adorn all year round, and what better to tempt yourself with than our selection of delightfully dark treats!

Halloween finds - Bat earrings

It's like Christmas has come early, as we eye(ball) up a selection of spooktacular finds from a selection of alternative designers and companies that you'll just love. Whether it's something ghoulishly spectacular for your home, or a spooky sweet piece of jewellery to adorn. Why not treat yourself to one of these wonderfully spooky finds!

Halloween finds - Bat wing coffin necklace

Beautifully batty.

Who doesn't love a cute little vampire bat?! You'll want to snap up these sweet little Bat earrings by Rag Doll, they're perfect to add a spooky touch to any outfit!

Halloween finds - Spooky decorative bottle

Team them up with this spooktacular Gothic coffin and bat wing necklace by RubyCurls Jewellery Design, for a stylish statement piece.

Halloween finds - Spider earrings

Perfect for any home, this Witches Aperitif bottle by Nemesis Now adds that finishing touch, with plenty of "fermented bats" inside - how delightful!

Halloween finds - Spider web ring

Spooky spiders.

Unravel a web of stylish finds, with these spider adorned pieces. We love this Vivian Spider and Web ring by Regalrose, for a truly dramatic piece. It goes perfectly with these Dangling spider earrings by The Leaky Crucible Foundry!

Spider necklace

Make a statement with this beautifully crafted Amethyst spider necklace by The Owls Nest Design Studio - a wonderfully detailed piece that's perfect for anytime of the year.

Have your favourite spider settle up in your home with this spooky sweet Spider tea cup candle by Lady Gloom. A lovely way to add a touch of Halloween to your home all year round!

Halloween finds - Spider tea cup candle

Spooky Skulls.

Add a touch of the macabre to your look, with this Corvus necklace by Darkstorm store, in a stylish silver tone.

Halloween finds - Bird skull necklace

What better to host a spooktacular tea party, than this Goth skull drip tea set by Weird & Wonderful Ceramics. It's just perfect to add some ghoulishly gothic style to the occasion!

Halloween finds - Skull tea set

We certainly do adore this time of year, what better excuse to sink your claws into some of these spooktacular treats to adorn.

Whether you prefer something that's classily gothic, or delightfully dark, you'll find an abundance of stunning pieces to snap up this October!