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"Costume jewellery" Judith Miller

Costume jewellery by Judith Miller is a compendium of costume jewellery, taking a look at the dazzling, stunning, & covet-able world of costume jewellery. An insightful guide to the world of collectable, stunning costume jewellery, and a spark of inspiration for the future designer.

Costume jewellery : Alt Fashion

Costume jewellery takes a look at the history and styling of costume jewellery over the decades, featuring everyone from Vivienne Westwood, to Weiss & Tatty divine. Taking an insightful look into their histories, designs, and stunning breakdowns of individual pieces admiring their craft and beauty.

This book takes you through the complete history of costume jewellery, from it's early roots leading up to designers and the industry as we know it today. With individual showcases on designers you can find the history and background of many designers from the 20th century, through to future designers making their mark in the industry today.

Costume jewellery : Alternative jewellery

With stunning detailed descriptions of pieces of jewellery throughout, from settings of pastes to create the effect of precious stones and gems, to beautifully hand crafted clasps, noting the delicate work and thought that has gone into each piece.

No pieces, or styles are left out, costume jewellery takes a look at everything from faux stone drop earrings, gilt metal pins, lucite rings, and swarovski crystal necklaces. The influences on current designers can be felt throughout with costume jewellery and design being at the forefront of the industry, and alternative scene today. Interest in vintage costume jewellery has also been booming of late, with such an array of fascinating designs on show you can see why.

Whether vintage fashion, gothic decor, indie designers, or striking metal chokers take your fancy; Costume jewellery is bound to appeal to both the avid collector, and fans of stunning design.

"Costume jewellery" by Judith Miller is out now, you can buy copies from octopus books & all good book shops.