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Celebrate with Alt Fashion as we turn ten this spring!

Starting as we mean to go on, we're celebrating our tenth birthday in style this year with a 3 month long celebration of alternative fashion with you our lovely readers! Join in, as we announce some amazing birthday offers and staggering competitions from an amazing selection of alternative companies, we're going to be spoiling you rotten this spring!

Alt Fashion celebrates ten years

You may not be able to tell from an initial visit to our site that ten years ago today, our humble little website was getting ready to launch to an unsuspecting crowd of alternative fashionistas. The aim of the site was simple, a launchpad to help promote alternative companies right here in the UK, something that we still continue to do today, even as we've reached a huge worldwide fanbase with our publication!

Back then in the 00's, you'd find it hard to believe that it was often a long struggle trying to find and source amazing alternative clothing here in the UK, but this was a time before we'd even started snapping our latest fashion finds for a crowd of fans on Instagram, a time long before the camera phone had become every alternative bloggers weapon of choice for snapping new finds, when we had to make do with spending hours of endless searching online for those new season wares, and google didn't exactly make it an easy task back then!

This was a time of sites sadly now long forgotten like Batgear Beyond, who more than often catered more to an international market of fashionistas, making it hard to find that perfect velvet fishtail skirt from a web shop that was based a little closer to home.

Years of shopping and searching for those perfect alternative wares had already helped this editor to build up a staggering selection of web shops in my bookmarks, so I sought to put this to use as the starting point for what was an over enthusiastic university project, that would soon become a great alternative fashion resource.

Alt Fashion celebrates ten years

Ever since those early days the site has continued to support and search out new alternative designers and shops based here in the UK, as much as we support the staggering selection of international talent in the world of alternative fashion too. From our long running, but now sadly on a permanent hiatus magazine, to our mammoth directory site of alternative shops and web stores based in the UK, we've helped to make it even easier to find and source the perfect pieces of alternative fashion to add to your wardrobe.

We couldn't think of a better way to celebrate our site reaching it's tenth birthday than with sourcing some amazing prizes and offers to share with our readers. We're helping to kit you out with some amazing new alternative wares, from a great selection of companies who we've been helping to promote over the past ten years, as our way our saying thanks for your continued support over the past decade! Now we just need to decide how we're going to make a giant bat shaped cake to celebrate our birthday!!

Keep visiting our Competitions section to find the latest offers and competitions as they launch, with plenty of goodies on offer between February to April for our readers.