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Body Jewellery Shop Review

When it comes to body jewellery you needn't look any further than the Body jewellery shop. A treasure trove of piercings, accessories, & all the essentials you'll ever need; whether it's for your first piercing, or if you fancy a chance in style for your piercings.

Body jewellery shop

Body jewellery shop have been selling piercing supplies for years, and you can see why they're at the forefront of the industry. With a wide selection of piercings by style, place, & material available on their web shop.

Whether it's a simple nose stud you need, or micro dermals; Body Jewellery shop has them in stock. Each piercing is handily categorized by place or type so you can find exactly what you're after even quicker, & you'll certainly be spoilt for choice once you select your chosen category.

With a wide range of materials available, everything from classic titanium to bioplast can be found in store with plenty of choice whatever style takes your fancy.

You'll also find a wide selection of stretching gear in store, with more tunnels and tapers than you can shake a stick at! With surgical steel insertion pin's in help get you started and plenty to choose from whatever gauge your at.

We love their range of kaos flesh tunnels in an abundance of colours, & Ikon plugs with designs ranging from tattoo flash to leopard prints.

Body jewellery shop : Ikon plug

If you fancy the look of all these piercings but can't quite brave the needle yourself then fret not, Body jewellery shop also has a great range of faux piercings. With a range of fake body jewellery, featuring Alchemy gothic clip on ear cuffs, clip in nose rings, faux nipple clamps, & flesh tunnel earrings.

Body jewellery shop : Alchemy gothic ear cuff

Whatever your piercing needs you'll find them in store; and with a range of contact lenses, cosmetics, & jewellery in store too you'll find plenty to tempt. Body Jewellery shop also offer free UK & worldwide shipping with orders over £10, what better excuse to stock up!

Shop online at Body Jewellery shop for all these items & much more.