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Dark alternative style at London Fashion Week.

Beautiful dark fashion on show at London Fashion Week, A/W15.

Whilst the majority will be fixed on the more accessible side of London Fashion Week, the rest of us are clinging to our seats with our claws in anticipation at the darker side of the shows. The leather clad, dark lace and luscious velvets that drape over the models as they walk down the catwalk to a booming dark soundtrack, the likes of which the mainstream fashionistas are recoiled in horror at.. for us this is fashion and we can't get enough of it.

Gareth Pugh at London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week always surprises us, had we realised that this seasons show were going to be so atmospheric and gothic in style we'd have been clutching at those tickets straight away.. Dark, beautiful and gothic fashion has certainly been leaving it's mark on the catwalks this February, and we're quite frankly delighted that the creative, and alternative side of the industry has been given some show space, even if it is with more familiar faces.

Autumn is going to be fabulously styled, as London Fashion Week proved with plenty of darkly beautiful fashion on show. From the romantic lace layered dresses at Julien MacDonald and GILES, to the layered fishnets and sheer dark fabrics by Phoebe English, and the always stylish laces, animal prints and clashing fabrics at Vivienne Westwood (although we're admittedly a little biased with the latter, she never ceases to amaze us!). There was certainly a very dark influence on the catwalk at many of the major shows of London Fashion Week, with a belter of a heart stopping show by Gareth Pugh, literally stealing everyone's thunder, now that's one hell of a way to celebrate 10 years of designing cutting edge fashion.

GILES at London Fashion Week

But the fringe shows were just as inspirational, with plenty of beautiful dark fashion on show that would have any of us rushing to swipe up the gorgeous designs from the catwalk. If it wasn't the amazing dark soundtrack that got to you from Jamie Wei Huang (Rammstein anyone?!), it was the beautifully tailored designs that would easily fit in on the dancefloor. Vielma London's incredibly gothic styled collection of skeletal printed dresses and tops could have easily been plucked out of the catalog of any alternative designer, then there was the jaw droppingly gorgeous show at Pam Hogg, flying the freak flag high with her tattooed and pierced models, latex, leather and sheer outfits that were unmistakably alternative in style.

We've barely even scratched the surface of all the dark, alternative fashion on show this season, it seemed as if almost every other show had at least one striking leather, lace or pvc outfit on show, channeling the dark side of fashion. Whether it was the always expected dark lusciousness at McQ or the punk twist on the catwalk at Ashish, this season certainly hasn't disappointed.

I don't know about you, but we're really looking forward to the autumn, and seeing all this beautiful new clothing hitting the shops, as much as we do love alternative independent fashion, there's nothing wrong with coveting some gorgeous designer wares from time to time, and we'll certainly be doing that this September!

Images via Pinterest.