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Alternative shopping in Leeds : Inside the corn exchange

Our alternative shopping guide to Leeds.

Home to an abundance of alternative fashion, where better to take in a spot of socially distanced shopping than one of Yorkshire's busiest cities. As we take a look at where to shop for alternative clothing in Leeds.

Petite alternative clothing

Petite alternative clothing.

Fellow petite women we feel your woes, trying on jeans to find that they may be better suited worn with a pair of stilts, to the disappointment of a 'knee length dress' that ends up drowning you and fitting like an unhappy sack... But don't fret, we're here to help with our guide to petite alternative clothing.

Guide to temporary hair colour

Alt Fashion's guide to temporary hair colour.

Do you dream of rainbow coloured hair but worry about committing to that bold shade? Why not try temporary hair colour to achieve those unicorn locks, for a quick and colourful alternative look, with our handy guide to temporary hair colour products.

Guide to corset types

Fashion corsets vs Steel boned corsets : What's the difference?

We love a good corset, who doesn't?! They're an iconic alternative fashion staple, adding an instant touch of glamour to any look. But when it comes to finding that perfect corset, just what do you go for, and what exactly is the difference between a traditional steel boned and a fashion corset?

Discover current trends in ear plugs and tunnels

Current trends in the world of ear plugs and tunnels.

Staying on top of various trends can be exhausting and time-consuming. The world is constantly evolving and with the rise of social media, trends can come and go in an instant.

Discover the latest trends here >>>

Alternative clothing by Sugar Storm Studio

Discover your creative side with Sugar Storm Studio

Creative studio, Sugar Storm Studio, invite you to empower your wild and weird side through creative content, DIY workshops and alternative fashion. As they celebrate everything from individuality, to self-expression, skill-sharing, and weirdness.

Find out more about their latest range in our article here.