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Apply that glitter with ease thanks to Barry M's new Glitter Fixer!

We love our glitter, whether it's a flick of sparkly glitter liner, or a sprinkling of the shimmery stuff, but just how do you get that perfect pixie dust look to stay in place? Thankfully, Barry M are here to help with their latest offering, a handy tube of Glitter Fixer Gel that will certainly keep your latest glittery look in place.

Barry M Glitter Fixer : Alternative cosmetics

It's a little helper for your make up bag, a miraculous little tube that can help you achieve glitter perfection with ease - haven't we all been in dire need of something to help keep our glittering make up in place?!

We've all been there, you've tried everything to help keep that generous dusting of glitter in place, but within mere minutes it starts falling off. We've tried and tested all the various products over the years that have been designed to keep that glitter in place – from balms, to wands of gooey stuff, but nothing has really managed to achieve that perfect fix that keeps it in place for more than a few minutes.

Barry M Glitter : Alternative make up

That's where Barry M's new Glitter Fixer Gel comes in, it's been designed to apply with ease to create a base for your glitter, simply sprinkle plenty of the shimmering stuff on top to create your perfect look!

Hopefully, this will become a make up bag staple for many years to come, one that teams up perfectly with their already amazing range of glitter dusts. We imagine it'll work perfectly with any pot of the shimmering glittery stuff.

You can even create that pixie dust look with ease as they launch their new Glitter Rush Body Glitter's alongside their Glitter Fixer Gel – we can never get enough glitter! In shimmering pastel and silver tones, from Moonstone, to Ultraviolet, in a handy shaker pot to apply with ease.

Due to launch later this month from August 30th, you'll soon be able to achieve glitter perfection with a handy tube of their Glitter Fixer and some body glitter to hand! Shop online at

Images via: Fashion Insight.