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Annastasia Couture Latex

When you think of Alternative fashion your mind instantly draws up images of sleek glossy latex outfits, but why go for the same as everyone else when you could have a bit of latex that's a little more unique? Annastasia Couture Latex designs latex clothing to adorn, with a range of designs that are creative and will certainly turn heads.

Annastasia Couture Latex : Alternative fashion

Designed by Annastasia Swales, a fashion designer who's turned towards using latex to create her designs, a material which certainly fits in within alternative fashion. She's used it to create some rather unique and eye catching designs, from pops of vibrant clashing colours in angular cuts, offset with layers and patterns that come together to create something rather unique, pieces that bring latex back into high fashion rather than just mere fetish objects.

Alternative fashion is all about creating unique pieces that turn heads and these designs certainly do just that, her Fresh Futuristic collection which has recently been on the catwalk is miles ahead of latex fashion in the alternative scene.

Annastasia Couture Latex : Alternative clothing

With designs that you'll want to adorn whenever the opportunity arises, shopping whilst wearing a full latex dress anyone?!; her designs are certainly unique wearable pieces of art. Latex as couture and high fashion pieces certainly is more than welcome, and what better way to put such a wonderfully versatile fabric to use.

We'll certainly be keeping an eye on her future collections, if your one to invest in latex attire you may want to visit her etsy store and pick up a piece or two. To shop her latest designs and to keep up to date with her work at &

Photographer: Anuschka Astley, hair by Artizan, Models: Pheonix Trewolyn & Lauren Farell.