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An important announcement from Alt fashion

It doesn't seem long ago that we were announcing the switch from print to digital with our magazine, we've certainly learnt the hard way that running an independent publication whether it's a small run magazine or a zine, is a long struggle and labour of love. Sadly with all things there has to come an end, once our Autumn/Winter edition is released this October it will be the final edition of our magazine.

alt fashion magazine over the years

We won't lie it's been a very hard decision to make, seven years of work on the magazine is certainly a long amount of time to dedicate to a non-profit, independent publication but we feel with a few changes behind the scenes here with the team at Alt Fashion, that our time as a magazine at least has come to an end.

It of course won't be the end of Alt Fashion, we will still be continuing to run our websites bringing you a world of alternative fashion and culture online. Even as we get ready to release the final edition of our magazine we're already looking to the future, to ways where we can bring some of the aspects of our magazine that you loved over to our website. So even though it will be the end of our magazine it will bring about a wealth of new content to our website, continuing to bring you closer to the very alternative and independent designers who keep bringing you eye catching, jaw dropping, and damn right gorgeous alternative fashion.

Whilst we are of course sad to see the end of our magazine, it's certainly been an eventful seven years with our magazine. It's helped us to make some wonderful connections, and of course meet some amazing people who we've featured and helped to promote over these past few years. It's even enabled us to build some fantastic partnerships with events and companies who we work closely with to this day, all of which have helped us to develop our websites and bring you outstanding alternative fashion and culture online.

It certainly won't be the end for Alt Fashion, you can expect even more content online in the near future from designer features and interviews to articles of interest and even more of our content that you adore, not to forget the continuation of our new directory. We hope you'll all join us in giving our final edition of Alt Fashion magazine a good send off this October, if you wasn't for you our readers we wouldn't have been able to keep it going for this long, we certainly wouldn't have come along as far as we have with our websites without you visiting and for that we are utterly grateful and thankful. We hope to see you reading our virtual pages on our site for many years to come!

The editor - 2013