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Alt fashion's alternative guide to South London

In the final part of our London city guides we take a look across the river to the South of the city, where you'll find some of the city's best kept vintage finds, and a few pleasant surprises along the way.

Violet Bettys Crystal Palace : Alternative fashion in London

You may not initially think of paying a visit to the South of London, but there's more to find than you'd think, making a trip across the river more than worthwhile. Whether it's a spot of vintage shoping in the palace or a shop around Waterloo, there's plenty to visit.

As good a place to start as any is Waterloo; not too far a trek across the river, you'll find a selection of shops worth visiting. Home to London's flagship Honour store on Lower Marsh, where you'll find a selection of fetish clothing and accessories in store from slinky latex to gorgeous pvc. A walk along Lower Marsh will unveil a selection of vintage shops including Radio Days and What the butler wore where you'll find plenty of vintage attire - Update 2021, What the Butler Wore has now unfortunately closed.

From there the next pit stop to explore is Brixton, there you'll find one of the city's best kept vintage secrets, Saloon 97, in Brixton Village full of gorgeous vintage finds in abundance - Update December 2017 - this store has now closed. Also worth a visit is Alice's pig on Brighton Terrace for vintage inspired attire, from stripey Tim Burton inspired shirts to quaint 60's style frocks - Update 2020 - this shop has now unfortunately closed.

Slightly further afield in Crystal Palace is some of the city's finest vintage shops, Vien vintage on Church road is perfect for vintage womenswear, then just a couple of doors down you'll find Violet Betty's selling vintage and inspired clothing with a very pin up feel - Update 2018 - Violet Betty's has now closed. Of course, no trip to Crystal Palace would be complete without paying a visit to La Belle Jolie, the city's first vintage styled spa, where you can not only get vintage make overs, but a good old fashioned pampering in their pretty '30's styled surroundings.

Then if you fancy venturing further afield still, Retro Bates Vintage on Creek Road, in Greenwich is full of outstanding vintage finds.

Honour Waterloo : Alternative clothing shops London

Not just for shopping, you'll find plenty to do in South London, with plenty of stop off's along the way to grab a cuppa.

Over in Waterloo on Lower Marsh Scooterwork's cafe is a 50's styled cafe where you can enjoy a coffee brewed in a vintage American coffee machine, or hop over to Ms Cupcake at Coldharbour Lane in Brixton for delicious vegan treats that you'll want to over indulge on..

Staying in Brixton, you'll find alternative entertainment from local brews at The craft beer co, to Upstair's at the Ritzy where you'll find swing dancing, record and clothing swaps, and crafting nights.

South London Pacific bar : Alternative clothing in London

Over in Clapham if you prefer a spot of tease, The peacock bar on Falcon road, is a cabaret bar where you'll find nightly entertainment alongside workshops from cocktails to burlesque, or over in Vauxhall, you'll find Royal Vauxhall Tavern hosting cabaret shows, drag roasts and even alternative bingo! South London Pacific might be more you thing if you love vintage culture with more of a tiki flair - Update 2018 - South London Pacific has now closed.

There's certainly plenty to do across South London, why not take a explore along the rails and see where you end up!