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It's all change here at Alt Fashion!

As we celebrate our thirteenth birthday this month, we've decided to shake things up here at Alt Fashion as we make a few changes to the way that we run things here on our site.

Punk fashion in the UK : Alt Fashion

Things have changed a lot since we first launched back in 2006 (was it really THAT long ago!). Back when we started the site it was incredibly difficult to find alternative fashion here in the UK, now, we can easily find our favourite alternative brands at a mere click, and my, are we spoilt for choice!

As times have changed, it's made a world of difference to alternative fashion. We've seen some amazing new designers and companies start up, new alternative shops popping up around the country, and we're now connected more than ever with the very designers, companies, brands, and shops that we've featured over the past 13 years.

Now, into 2019, as so much has changed, we've come to realise that we need to make some changes here at Alt Fashion, and the way that we connect with our readers. With the majority of you preferring to connect with us via social media, we've decided to shift a few things around here on our site.

The first big change that you'll notice is our new stripped back homepage, instead of featuring the most recent online content, we're now showcasing the main areas of our site, alongside our handy alternative directory.

Reflecting the same look that we introduced to our directory homepage last year, so our sites now look perfectly fitting together!

Alternative jewellery : Alt Fashion

Following that, we're also making a few changes to the online content that we post up here on our site. Nowadays, we can find out about the newest releases, promotions, and collaborations in an instant thanks to social media, so we'll be cutting back on our features and articles, to shift the focus towards selected content. Opting instead to feature the latest finds, and launches across our social media profiles, sharing the latest news as we find it from your favourite alternative brands and designers.

These slight changes will allow us to focus more on the content that you love - such as fashion guides and tips, alongside continuing to work on our directory site; which has helped thousands of you find new alternative shops, and web stores every year. This will allow us to keep our directory as up to date as possible, adding the newest shops that we discover, as well as maintaining our bi-annual dead link checks on a more regular bi-monthly basis, so you'll always be able to find the very latest shops.

As we enter our thirteenth year of running Alt Fashion we're certainly not going anywhere. So, why not take a peek at our latest changes, and join us across our social media platforms to find the latest in alternative fashion.

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