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Dye it : a guide to alternative hair dye brands

Nowadays your spoilt for choice when it comes to colourful hair dye, no longer are you torn between two brands you have a world of options at your mere fingertips and a variety of shades to choose from. But where do you start? Our guide to alternative hair dye brands will help you tell the difference between brands, what shades are available and what will suit your needs, so sit back and flick through to find your new favourites.

Crazy Color hair dye : Alternative hair dye


Previously hard to come by in the UK, Adore have a range of 40 shades of semi-permanent hair dyes. In 4oz white coloured bottles Adore's hair dyes are best applied using a tint bowl. Available in a more natural range of shades compared to most alternative dyes, you can find a great selection of brown, black & auburn shades amongst vibrant reds, blues, pinks & purples.

Crazy Color

A home grown brand, Crazy Color has taken the UK over in the past years as a well loved semi-permanent dye. In 100ml pink bottles (pictured above) these are best applied using a tint bowl. Available in a wide range of vibrant colourful shades ranging from pastel shades to brights in a rainbow of colours.

La Riche Directions (aka Directions)

One of the most well known alternative dye brands, you'll find Directions stocked in most alternative stores and sites. In 88ml tubs (pictured bottom right) making it very easy to apply. Available in a wide range of colourful and natural shades ranging from pastel shades to brights.

Manic Panic hair dye : Alt fashion


A mainstream semi-permanent dye brand but one that's still alternative friendly, sometimes easier to come across in high street stores/hairdressers. In 2.5oz tubes that are easier to apply with a tint bowl. Available in a rainbow of colourful shades.

Manic Panic

A classic semi-permanent dye from the U.S well known for their inventive shades and dye types, if you ever wanted UV hair this is the brand to go for. Available in a wide choice of dye types from cream to gel formulas so you really can pick what type of dye you prefer to apply. Most of their dyes come in tubs (pictured top) which are very easy to apply, with some gel formulas in tubes. In a full rainbow of colours with UV shades and toners available, not to forget they also do bleaching kits to help pre-lighten your hair.

Directions hair dye : Alt Fashion

Special Effects (aka SFX)

A U.S brand that's snuck its way over to the UK in recent years, another brand to go for if you fancy UV hair. Available in clear tubes which are easiest to apply in tint bowls. With a rainbow of bright shades from blues to yellows, reds to purples.


Another staple home grown brand, Stargazer have been responsible for many a bright barnet. In 70ml opaque bottles which are easiest to apply in a tint bowl. With a selection of natural and bright shades ranging from reds to blues, greens and purples, very easy to find across the UK.

You can find Adore, Crazy Color, Directions, Manic Panic, SFX & Stargazer dyes at Beeunique, alternatively check out our directory site where you can find online stockists listed including the brands that they stock.

Editorial note: This is an archived post, find our freshly updated guide to alternative hair dye brands here.