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Venus Flytrap Jewels

Wanton hussys, bondage barbies, candied skulls & sumptuous frippery, paints a rather decadent & kitsch picture doesn't it? The perfect combination of images to sum up Venus Flytrap Jewels.

Venus Flytrap Jewels

A jewellery company with a difference, focusing on a vast range of the kitsch, tied up (if you'll pardon the pun!) with a spot of kink! They've been adorning many a 'wanton hussy' with extravagant & delightfully erotic jewellery for years.

Venus Flytrap Jewels

Taking influence from everything from zombies, Victorian mourning, kewpie dolls & even the word 'cunt'. Bringing them all together to create pieces of extravagant wearable art that tempt a varied dark casket of tastes.

Whether you prefer candied pink skull necklaces or dark fetish pin up's to adorn your decolletage.

From the extravagant with luxurious beaded necklaces, ranging through to simple yet classic ribboned pendant chokers & exquisite full charm bracelets.

Currently available online, with a range of both the kitsch & fetish in every form you can think of. Where else could you find duck necklaces sat next to cowboy cock earrings!

There's certainly plenty to tempt over on their web store. Why not see for yourself at