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Valentines gets a little black with The Think Ink Florist

For a truly, darkly romantic valentine's why not seduce with a bouquet of the blackest of roses. Pay a visit to The Think Ink Florist this Valentine’s day for some of the blackest bouquets you've ever laid your eyes upon, as dark as the Kraken's ink and with a pinch of The Kraken Rum to truly seduce.

think ink florist

The Think Ink Florist will be popping up in Carnaby's Kingley court for one day only offering macabre bouquets arranged in grave vases with a bottle of The Kraken Rum in place of your traditional champagne, because who needs sparkling fizz when you can have a spot of rum! With the option of a "Take me whole" or "Swallow me piece by piece" message to adorn your bottle.

The pop-up florist forms part of The Kraken Rum's Kraken versus cupid campaign, by macabre and infamous Miss Cakehead. Offering a range of black floral options in return for a voluntary donation to the Project Redsand charity.

The gorgeous black roses for sale are created by placing dark red roses in vases filled with a Kraken's ink in place of water.

think ink florist

This ink is then transported up the stem, via the xylem, to the leaves and petals turning them black, a scientific process that will also be showcased in the space. For dramatic effect some of the flowers will also be turned black using special floristry dyes.

There are no naturally black flowers - a truly black flower is as mysterious and alluring as a Kraken - with the endangered very dark crimson Turkish Halfeti roses the closest nature can offer. However the bouquets will also feature Calendula Lily Eclips and Queen of the Night Tulips, both darkest purple in colour looking visually black to the human eye.

The beautiful bouquets will be kept fresh in pools of black ink, the flowers all come with a miniature bottle of 5cl Kraken Rum, available in the UK from Summer 2014. Currently Kraken Rum is only available in 70cl bottles.

To top things off The Diner group will be serving a one off Kraken Vs Cupid Valentine's drink in all of their 7 venues, a perfect location in which to celebrate an alternative Valentine's Day. The activity also continues at 'The Mesmerist' in Brighton that will be turned into an inky den for the Kraken Vs. Cupid Valentine's party.

So why not get your valentine something delightfully dark and pay a visit to The Think Ink Florist located at unit 1.16, Kingley Court, W1B 5PW, they will be open from 08:00 on the 14th until all the bouquets are sold, they are offered on a first come first served basis with one bouquet per customer. Due to the accompanying rum only those aged 18 or over may purchase a bouquet.

To get live updates on The Think Ink Florist follow @krakenrumuk & @miss_cakehead on twitter