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Club Antichrist

The men that will not be blamed for nothing take on Club Antichrist

When you think of steampunk instant visions of a futuristic victoriana wonderscape crop up, but when it comes to steampunk music how do you define it? The men who will not be blamed for nothing put the 'punk' into steampunk with a dash of cockney music hall meets 1977 punk, finished off with a perfectly doctored history.

Steampunk has certainly been making it's mark on the alternative scene, a perfectly fitting subgenre with it's diy ethics that stirs true to classic alternative punk roots. So it's no surprise that steampunk has been wriggling it's cthulhu like tentacles into the UK even moreso over the past few years. Celebrating all things steamy, infamous London clubnight Club Antichrist will be donning the cogs & monocles for an evening of all things steampunk featuring a few special treats in store courtesey of The men who will not blamed for nothing.

Tell our readers a little bit about yourselves, how did the band start up?

Marc: This is really and Andrew/Andy question as I came along a bit later. The two of them had been doing it as a duo for a while but wanted to expand to a full band to be the opening act for Andrew's 'Totally Spot On History Of British Industry' stand up show, I was drafted in on bass because Andrew knew me from comedy and the first bloke they asked said no. Those gigs were so much fun, and it worked so well as a full band that I got upgraded to proper member shortly thereafter, although I'm not sure when that became official. Possibly it still isn't, and I'm the steampunk version of Richard Wright in 80's Pink Floyd. There's actually Youtube footage of those first gigs floating around. We all keep weirdly still.

Andy: The band was originally an offshoot of Andrew's Edinburgh show...he was living at my house at the time, and we wanted to expand on some of the themes in his show... the song Steph(v)enson is virtually a direct lift from the show... we just ran with the idea 'what would a punk band have sung about if they had been around in the Victorian Era?'....once we had a little set of songs, we used it as an opening act when he toured the ' Totally Spot On History Of British Industry' show around the UK, to set the tone of the evening and add a little musical spice....then decided to expand it to a full band for the London dates...and that went so well we just kept going.....then the Steampunk scene adopted us as their own... which was nice.

Jez: I went for a pint with Andy and Andrew one night and found a shilling in the bottom of my Guinness. And that was that!

You've been described as "crusty punk meets cockney sing-songs meets grindcore in the 1880s", what inspires your music?

Marc: Lyrically: the politics and people of the Victorian era, engineering, annoying people we don't like and making each other piss ourselves laughing. Musically: the spirit of music hall, and the exact centre of venn diagram between Sid Vicious and Dimebag Darrell. Just my opinion though.

Jez: I've heard us described as Chas'n'Dave meet Metallica round at the Dead Kennedys place. I like that. I love the political dimension we have and can't believe that so few bands are doing that. I can understand that they might not be TOO concerned with the party politics of yesteryear, but I think our protest song "Doing It For The Whigs" has particular resonance in 2012. They do say that if you don't learn from the past that you are forced to repeat it over and over. Mind you they say a lot of things.

You've just finished work on "This may the reason why The men that will not be blamed for nothing cannot be killed by conventional weapons", when can we expect the new album to emerge?

Marc: 'This may be the Reason...', March 12th is the worldwide release, if it leaks earlier it's because one of us has got too excited because currently we'll play it to anyone. For example Andrew's using it as the warm up/interval music for his stand up tour and I keep assaulting strangers and shoving my earphones into their skulls. Usually, but not exclusively, via the ear-holes. We're probably going to play the whole thing at our gig next month, so if you turned up there and recorded it on an iPhone you'd have your own really poorly recorded version a whole month early.

club antichrist

What is it about the steampunk culture that you all adore?

Andy: the whole aesthetic, the collision of victoriana and sci fi gives people a massive chance to be creative and interpret the style in bizarre and unique ways...the whole scene has a wonderful DIY ethic where people are creating rather than simply consuming.

Marc: I relish any chance to dress up and shout.

Steampunk's certainly been making more of an impression over here in the UK of late, do you think this wider crossover to a more mainstream alternative audience is a good thing?

club antichrist

Jez: Well it isn't usually, is it?

Marc: We're removed enough from the scene to not really be able to tell. Fundamentally 'Steampunk' is a cool design aesthetic so It's not a surprise it's crossed over. I doubt many people will engage with it as a subculture though, not properly. The average man on the street isn't really bothered about anachronistic literature and building their own microwave out of brass and stray animals.

You're just about to embark on Club Antichrist this March for their Steampunk themed event, what can we expect throughout the evening, are there any special treats we can expect at the show ?

Marc: We're splitting into 3 camps for this. Andy and Jez will be DJing the main room, their setlist is going to be quite varied taking in the first album by The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing, the new album by The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing, and probably something by the BBC Radiophonic workshop. Meanwhile I'm compereing one of the stages, where I'll be mostly announcing the names of the acts and attempting to upstage them at every opportunity in the hope of impressing some girls. Andrew, will be doing something very special with his section of the show, which involves flying to Australia and doing an entirely unrelated Stand Up tour.

Andy: I relish the chance to inflict my musical tastes on the audience...I never get to play stuff really loud at home!'s a shame we can't play live at Club Antichrist this time as Andrew is away, but hopefully they will let us play one of their nights later in the year.

You can find out more about The men who will not be blamed for nothing at

The steampunk Club antichrist special takes place on the 9th March at Club Colosseum, Nine Elms Lane, London.

To buy your ticket for the event visit

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