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Sugarpill Sugarpill create bright, vibrant cosmetics with a burst and pop! of colour. Launched earlier this year by Shrinkle; already running her own fashion line, Sugarpill was created as a line of "luxury eyeshadows in striking hues for fearless color fiends".

Sugarpill has already launched to a frenzy of interest from fellow colour fiends around the globe, as well as being chosen to celebrate 35 years of Hello Kitty; we couldn't think of a more apt cosmetic line for our favourite sanrio character!

Sugarpill's staple lines consist of long wearing richly pigmented colours in a range of pressed, and loose eyeshadows. With individual pressed & loose eyeshadows available, alongside colour palettes of pressed eyeshadows and stunning false eyelashes to complete your look.

We got our hands on a few staple items from Sugarpill's collection of eyeshadows to test out.

Pressed powder

The pressed powders come in their own branded compact packaging, the first pressed powder I tested was the vibrant blue 'Afterparty'. A striking bright blue shade, afterparty is the perfect bright royal blue shade; an intensely pigmented pressed powder in a bold striking hue.

Applied dry it's a stunning intense matte shade of blue, whilst applied wet it creates a shimmering pearl hue to the bold blue shade. Both looks are wonderfully striking.

The 2nd pressed powder I tested was 'Buttercup'; a bright canary yellow shade; again intensely pigmented and strikingly bright.

Applied dry it's an intense matte yellow shade, perfectly bright and bold; applied wet it creates more a subtle shimmer to the shade.

Both are incredibly easy to apply and long lasting. I've long been more of a fan of loose powder eyeshadows but these pressed compacts are incredibly function and wonderfully easy to use; infact I've been using them much more regularly than my loose eyeshadows!

Sugarpill Sugarpill

For a stunning finish, and crease free look try teaming up a good primer beforehand to really bring out the pop of colour from these shades.


These tubs of loose pigment also come in their own easy access branded pots, a highly pigmented loose eyeshadow with oodles of colour.

The first Chromalust pot I tested was the vibrant gold 'Goldilux'; a truly gold shade that shimmers and glisens.

Goldilux is a vibrant gold shade with hints of gold glitter; applied dry it's intensely glittery and wonderfully light, applied wet it's a bold striking gold shade with hints of pearl and shimmering notes.

The 2nd Chromalust pot I tested was 'Asylum'; a bright glittery brick red shade with a metallic hue.

Asylum has notes of glitter and metallic reds; applied dry it's a dark brick red shade with metallic notes; applied wet it's an intense glittering brick red shade with hints of pearl. Both work wonderfully dry with a small eyeshadow brush for the perfect blended look, or wet with a fine eyeliner brush.

The collection's truly are wonderfully vibrant, richly pigmented, and intense. With such a bright range of colours, and glittering hues already in the collection, you really are spoilt for choice.

Sugarpill also have a selection of tutorials on line to inspire your look with your new cosmetics; pop by where you can find the full range of cosmetics and lashes, alongside fan tutorials and the latest news.