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Model feature : Vindice

Vindice has turned her hand to alternative modelling as easily as you'd flick on a lightswitch, having graced the catwalk at numerous alt fashion shows alongside collaborations with alt clothing companies she's certainly making her mark.


How did you start modelling? Was it something that you always wanted to do, or did it just 'happen'?

I have always wanted to model. But as a child/teenager, I was kind of typecast as the introverted, bookish type, so no-one around me would have guessed I wanted to do such a thing! I did a little bit of modelling as a child, but I was too shy to admit that I wanted to carry on with it, because of what people around me might think - it seemed that everyone 'knew' models were shallow and stupid, and that it wasn't a good ambition to have! Besides, I'd never heard of alternative modelling. So, I had images in my head of dramatic images that I wanted to create - images that I thought would be glamorous and sexy - but I had no idea that there were already some models and photographers creating images like that. I thought it was just something I'd invented and that no-one else would understand!

How drew you towards alternative modeling?

When I first saw online photos of alternative glamour and pin-up models, it felt like coming home; I really thought 'this is what I've been waiting for!' For me, what makes a model 'alternative' is not just how many tattoos or piercings she has. I think the 'mainstream' image of models is that they're just vacant, passive automotons who pose however the photographer tells them and don't have any ideas of their own. My idea of alternative is anything that shows models as creative, intelligent and strong, and that's what I try to convey in my portfolio although I don't know how successful I've been yet! ;)

So far, just about everyone I've worked with in the alt scene so far has been really supportive, encouraging and thoughtful. It's great to be part of.

Do you have any fellow models or heroines who have inspired you?

Well, I'm over 30, so I'm inspired - and encouraged! - by other people who've started modelling relatively late in life. A woman can still be glamorous and sensual after the age of, say, 18: I think the alt scene is much more open to that idea than the high fashion world, but there's still a long way to go.

What kind of shoots would you like to work on in the future?

I have a lot more latex shoots planned. I'd like to work on some more dramatic, Gothic images, and also to show my hippie/bohemian side a little more in my portfolio.

And, hopefully you'll see more movement and performance-inspired posing in my upcoming shoots, as I'm always looking for ways of fusing my dance experience with my modelling work.


What has been your biggest modelling achievement so far?

Being on the catwalk is always a highlight for me - I've been lucky enough to model in three fashion shows so far this year and I have some others in the pipeline....

How did you discover your paticular interest in alternative fashion?

My sense of style was always about being unusual and a bit flamboyant - I took inspiration from bands I liked, from film and from a mix of different eras. I also like the idea of being able to express your emotions and outlook on life throuh the clothes and makeup you wear. But again, as a youngster I was extremely shy and didn't always wear the kinds of outrageous or attention-grabbing things I would have liked. The older I get, the more confidence I have to express myself through my appearance, and so I've gradually become more visibly 'alt.'

Are there any companies or designers that you'd like to work with?

I would love to work with Dark Star, Kates Clothing, Attitude, Vivien Holloway, Corsets UK and many mannnny more. I'll have to keep on my toes!

What are your goals & aspirations for the future?

I'd love to work with Kate's Clothing and Attitude. And, I have my eye on a fair few latex companies - most of them should know who they are as I've either approached them already or will do soon!

Generally to keep pushing myself to get better as a model - to create expressive, dramatic and memorable images. I'd like the opportunity to work with more high profile designers (as well as independent and upcoming ones!). And, because performing live is such a passion of mine, I hope to get involved in a lot more events and do some really creative stage shows.

You can find out more about Vindice & her work over at

First image: Photographer - Vapourtrail photography, Designer: Catalyst latex | Second image: Photographer - Natasha Safonova