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Model feature : Kirsty Jayne

Alt model Kirsty Jayne has been working on a diverse range of work covering every alternative style imaginable, & building up one hell of a selection of creative work.

Kirsty Jayne

How did you start modelling? Was it something that you always wanted to do, or did it just 'happen'?

I started when I was 16, I did a couple of photoshoots for friends on college courses and one suggested that if I was enjoying it I should set up an online profile on a model networking site. So I did! It wasn't something I'd really thought about before that so I guess it did just kind of 'happen'.

How drew you towards alternative modeling?

The main thing was that I knew I could never be a mainstream model at that point, I wasn't super skinny, I had black and blue hair, facial piercings and I didn't really have the outfits for mainstream stuff either.

Do you have any fellow models or heroines who have inspired you?

I love Nina Kate, I've been following her work for a while and my original inspiration was Audrey Kitching... it sounds corny when I say it now but I used to love her and I do still love her older work. Weird and wonderful concepts are the best.

kirsty jayne

What kind of shoots would you like to work on in the future?

I'd love to work with more latex and I need to get back into my themed and concept shoots. I have a few coming up that I'm especially excited about, they're a bit of a secret but I will say that one of them may or may not have something to do with Star Wars.

What has been your biggest modelling achievement so far?

I recently took part in the Alter Me Up Runway event but in June that'll be blown out of the water a bit when I spend the day as one of Rubber Monkey Latex's models in the Birmingham Alternative & Burlesque Fair.

How did you discover your paticular interest in alternative fashion?

I actually discovered it when I was 15, I was shopping with my mum in Birmingham for new clothes but no matter how many stores we went into I couldn't find anything I liked then we accidently came across The Oasis and I fell in love with the place. Everything was so different to what I'd just seen on the highstreet. The only reason I turn towards the highstreet now is so that I don't terrify people at my day job!

Are there any companies or designers that you'd like to work with?

Oh, there's so many! I'd love to do a shoot for the Hell Bunny collection and I'd love to work with some Burlesque companies as well as plenty more latex companies.

What are your goals & aspirations for the future?

My main goal is simply that I'd like to be part of Alternative Fashion Week.

You can find out more about Kirsty Jayne & her work over at

First image: Photographer - SCulley photography | Second image: Photographer - Emily Humphries photography