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Model feature : Harriet Isobel

Harriet is an alternative model with a vast growing portfolio of work, having already modelled for the likes of Death Kitty and Phaze her works certainly off to a great start!

Harriet Isobel model

How did you start modelling? Was it something that you always wanted to do, or did it just 'happen'?

In short it just 'happened'. I had no real intention to model, I sort of just fell in to it. I've fought with depression for 2/3 years on and off, I needed a hobby to give me something positive to focus on so that I could over come it; thanks to modelling I have now been off my anti depressants for over a month. My confidence has improved greatly, and I can now say I've found myself.

I had several hobbies as I grew up - singing, acting, dance - but I gave them all up because I didn't have the confidence or self-belief. I thought it was time to start doing something for me again, but this time I would not let other people lower my confidence or ruin my focus. I've actually only been modelling for just over a month, but it definitely feels like I've found myself and my passion. I think this shows in my work.

What drew you towards alternative modeling?

I get bored of the blonde, size 0, standard 'pretty' looking models. I wanted to introduce something striking and interesting. My main aim is to be different, to show people you don't have to be typically beautiful to be a model. You can be anyone! If you love it, don't let anyone stop you.

With my bright red hair and piercings, alternative modeling was without a shadow of a doubt, the route that suited me to follow.

Do you have any fellow models or heroines who have inspired you?

To be honest, my main inspiration would have to be Morgan Joyce.

She models for companies such as Ladies of Metal and Dirty Shirty - she's gorgeous and so confident, her positivity is what made me find it in myself to pursue my dreams.

Harriet Isobel model

What kind of shoots would you like to work on in the future?

I'm looking into working more for companies, and to do some more creative work with photographers.. But ultimately I really want to get published in a magazine.

What has been your biggest modelling achievement so far?

So far my biggest modelling achievement has been landing myself on Phaze Clothings' website. I really enjoyed doing some modelling for them, they're the biggest company I've worked with so far, and I enjoyed every moment of it.

How did you discover your particular interest in alternative fashion?

I've always been into more arty and creative fashion looks, I was never really in with all these designer trends. I'd much rather be wearing something that no one else is! I like to look quirky and different, not to attract attention, but to make a statement. I'm not afraid to be me.

Are there any companies or designers that you'd like to work with?

I'd really love to get in with companies such as Dirty Shirty, Ladies of Metal, Blue Banana, that kind of thing!

What are your goals & aspirations for the future?

As I said previously, my main aim is to try and get published.

The goal is to be able to have enough work to get by, to be able to keep producing beautiful images, and to get my name out there.

I just want to be able to do what I love and for people to appreciate it.

You can find out more about Harrie & her work over at &

First image: Photographer - Paul Howell | Second image: Kemp photography