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Model feature : Fantasy Siren

An alternative model who's work has seen her team up with alternative site Apocalypse Girls to alternative portrait and lifestyle work.

Fantasy Siren model

How did you start modelling? Was it something that you always wanted to do, or did it just 'happen'?

It just happened but I always wanted to know if I could do it. It started with helping a friend out in 2010 and just went from there.

What drew you towards alternative modeling?

I dress alternative anyway and it seemed a natural way of going into modelling. It is always better modelling clothes that you feel comfortable in.

Do you have any fellow models or heroines who have inspired you?

I have a few models that I look up to for being themselves and just being beautiful. One of them is Synthetic Doll because she is simply stunning and I would love to be as successful her. The other person I admire for all that she has achieved is Cervena Fox. She is beautiful and all she has done is simply amazing. I have been following her for some time now. I draw a lot of my inspiration from her shoots.

What kind of shoots would you like to work on in the future?

I would like to do some more gothic pin up style shoots. I really enjoy the fun you can have on the shoots. There is a typical gothic shoot I would like to do based in a church or graveyard, giving that eerie feel.

Fantasy Siren model

What has been your biggest modelling achievement so far?

I would have to say being published and being on The Twisted Agency's website. I have only been modelling for little over a year and being published on a website is just simply great.

Are there any companies or designers that you'd like to work with?

I would like to model for Alchemy Gothic, Necessary Evil and Iron Fist heels. I adore their items and think their styles are amazing.

What are your goals & aspirations for the future?

I guess to make this my full time job. I would love to do this day in day out.

You can find out more about her & her work over at

First image: Photographer - Craig Norwood Photography | Second image: Photographer - Belisanas Dream Photography.