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Model feature : Coco Fierce

Coco Fierce

Coco Fierce has been gracing the alternative world with a dash of 1950's & pin up style that's all her own. She's already made quite a mark on the industry, modelling for a wide range of companies and designers from Oh my Honey to Lady Allura's latex.

How did you start modelling? Was it something that you always wanted to do, or did it just 'happen'?

About 18 months ago I found that after years of being massively overweight I had managed to lose 6.5 stone. A friend was doing some amateur modelling and I went along on a shoot and the photographer looked at us and said "You're not the model are you?", in a really disparaging way; it really hurt and to be honest, I am the kind of person that if somebody tells me that I can't do something, I will try 1000% to prove them wrong! So I did a couple of TF shoots from castings on Model Mayhem and applied to Spirit Model Management and they signed me! I could not believe it and from there it has just gone a little bit crazy. Since being signed in September 2010, I have modelled for over 40 designers and been in 35 magazines! More than I ever could have imagined to be honest.

How drew you towards alternative modeling?

I have always been "alternative" having gone through various different style choices in my life. For example, when I was at college I was gothy and then when I went to uni, I became more punky. Then when I was about 21 I became obsessed with the 1950s, pin up and rockabilly and that style has stuck. I live my whole life in 1950s clothes and don't just dress up for shoots like many models. There isn't a single item in my wardrobe which isn't that style!

Do you have any fellow models or heroines who have inspired you?

So many people inspire me; for models I just adore people like Acid Doll who is effortlessly beautiful. Masuimi Max is the best poser I have ever seen. Bernie Dexter, just because she 'is' pin up. UK models like Portia Victoria and Collette Von Tora have just been so lovely to me and gave me loads of advice when I was first starting out. Other inspirations are true creatives like Bink from Pearls and Swine, Clare Dutton from Dolly Cool and of course Vivienne Westwood. I log onto Facebook just to see what these two are going to produce next!

I take my style inspiration from people like Patricia Day from the Horrorpops. It is a little bit rockabilly with a psycho twist. I also love the way Paloma Faith dresses too.

Coco Fierce

My ultimate inspiration with words is Mae West and in fact I have just been signed up to write a monthly column in Delicious Dolls Magazine which is named after one of her most famous lines: 'Goodness had nothing to do with it.' People like Ness Hay, who runs Gladstone Magazine, have also been a massive inspiration to me. She just embodies a powerful woman and a go getting attitude.

What kind of shoots would you like to work on in the future?

I have some amazing collaborations lined up for 2013 already; I am so excited about them! I suppose the ultimate shoots for me would be for Vivien of Hollywood, Freddies of Pinewood and Collectif. I would also love to work with Miss Fortune. I'd really like to do more shoe modelling this year, especially for someone like Irregular Choice, who I just adore.

What has been your biggest modelling achievment so far?

Wow, there have been so many! Modelling for huge designers like Lady K Loves and Oh My Honey has been amazing. I suppose being in so many magazines as well. When I was a national newspaper journalist, I one day dreamt of writing my own column and it is amazing to think that I now do that. Also getting on magazine covers is just crazy!

How did you discover your paticular interest in alternative fashion?

I have always just loved being different. The worst thing I can possibly imagine happening to me is to be forgettable or to blend into the background. I would rather be hated and reviled than forgotten! If somebody ever described me as "mousy" they would get a punch in the face!!

Are there any companies or designers that you'd like to work with?

Vivien of Holloway, Collectif, Miss Fortune, Freddies of Pinewood, Irregular Choice, BooBooKitty Couture, Tatty Devine and Fairy Goth Mother.

What are your goals & aspirations for the future?

I would love to be on the cover of a Tattoo magazine. One of the things I always hoped for was to be featured in Bizarre Magazine and that is about to happen, which is very exciting! I would also like to feature in Bella Morte magazine and write a monthly column for Vintage Life magazine. If I could shoot with any of the people mentioned above, I think I would have to pinch myself quite a lot!

You can find out more about Coco Fierce & her work over at

Photos by Dave Walker Photographer | MUA: Lucy Golding | Dress: Romana Dawn Creations | Flowers: Lauren Barker