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illamasqua Hypnotica collection

Illamasqua add a pop of colour to your make up bag with Hypnotica.

We haven't seen a collection of make up that looked this fun, as Illamasqua get ready to launch their newest collection, Hypnotica this June to a vibrant pop and swirl of colour that's bound to brighten up your make up bag!

Described as "An explosion of colour, creativity and fearless self-expression", Illamasqua's latest collection certainly packs a punch, with not just a palette of colourful shades, but some wonderfully inventive and creative new products to boot.

Hypnotica is a wonderfully bright and bold collection, and what could be better for the summer than a vibrant orange sketch stick to use wherever you like for a bold lip or a dash of colourful eyeliner. The collection is comprised of several bold and creative new products to help add a dash of creativity and colour to your look.

We love the crayon like Sketch sticks, multi-use, highly pigmented sticks packed with colour in a rainbow of shades.

But don't worry if your a little colour shy, you'll find a perfect goth black amongst the range too.

illamasqua Hypnotica collection

The show stopping piece in the collection comes in the form of their trippy swirl patterned Lava lips lipstick, a bold marbled lipstick that blends effortlessly to create a vibrant new lip shade. With just a peek at the Activist shade in it's trippy purple and pink hues, we can't wait to see the rest.

Completing the collection is a selection of lip liners, new Lip lure glossy lipglosses, and voluminous Dolly lashes, making for a stylish collection of creative products. Hypnotica launches on June 2nd online at and at stores nationwide, to find out more before the collection launches visit

Images via: Fashion Insight.