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How to maintain those luscious, freshly dyed locks : handy tips to prolong your hair colour.

We've all been there, you've finally achieved hair dye perfection with your freshly dyed locks only to find that the colour fades after a few washes, but it needn't be that way as we take a look at some rather handy tips to help prolong your hair colour, and keep it looking as blue as the day that you first dyed it!

colourful hair dye tips

Help your colour along with that first dye.

One way to help your hair colour along, especially when your using a semi permanent vegetable dye like Directions or Manic Panic, is to leave the dye on for longer than the initial recommended time. We wouldn't recommend doing this with permanent/ammonia based dyes at all, but the beauty of semi permanent dyes is that these dyes are formulated with a more natural base of ingredients, so it's safer to leave these dyes on for longer.

If your using a semi-permanent dye such as Crazy Colours, Directions, Manic Panic or Stargazer, try leaving the dye on for a few hours to let the colour really penetrate your hair, this will result in a much bolder shade, and can help to prolong the colour.

The condition and dye technique

One way to help prolong that colour is to top it up with every wash, a technique that's easy to do if your using a semi-permanent dye, we don't recommend using this technique with a permanent/ammonia based dye!

Add a small amount of your hair dye to your usual conditioner and shake the bottle to mix. Apply this conditioner/dye mix to your hair once a week as a refresher to top up your colour, we do recommend wearing disposable gloves to do this to prevent any possible staining.

alternative hair dyes and tips for using them

If you'd rather not create your own colourful conditioner, we'd still recommend using a good quality conditioner once a week to maintain your new colour. Aussie 3 minute miracle is perfect if you've bleached your hair prior to your dye to help maintain, and add moisture (plus it smells like bubblegum so that's always a bonus!).

With either technique try rinsing your hair in cold water after conditioning to help seal the colour in and prolong that shade!

Protect your hair whilst styling

The more vivid your hair colour the more likely it's prone to fade quickly, one way to help your hair along is to use a heat protection spray prior to blow drying or straightening your hair, and avoid using metal bristle brushes when styling, as these can heat up as you dry your hair, adding more heat to your hair. Let your hair dry naturally when you can to help the colour along.

Cheat a little, with dry shampoo

One technique that's always recommended is to reduce how often your wash your hair to help prolong the colour, if you wash your hair every day you could try alternating by using dry shampoo and washing your hair every other day instead.

Of course it goes without saying that no colour is 100% fade proof, but trying a few of these techniques along the way can help to prolong your colour and keep that dreaded fade at bay for a little longer.

However you want to colour your hair, you'll find some great alternative semi-permanent dyes, whatever shade you want to dye your hair. Check out our directory site for a great list of semi-permanent dyes by brand to stock up on.