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Heresy n Heelz

A Night Of Northern Delights : Heresy N Heelz Manchester weekend, 9th September 2011. Review: Carey Armstrong

For their debut show up North, Heresy N Heelz began their takeover of the upper regions of the country with a night of bubbly burlesque, attended by an equally enthusiastic and stylish crowd.

Vampire Queen Rosie Lugosi compered the evenings' entertainment, with choruses of "yes, mistress" and "no, mistress" coming from the obedient audience throughout the night. Her compelling stage presence and irresistibly devilish charms commanded the attention of the room, as she strutted around the stage in a glittering corset, top hat and bustle.

Founder of Ministry of Burlesque Kittie Klaw had the crowd in fits of giggles at her burlesque version of the Sailor's hornpipe. Traditionally performed by a woman in drag, she kicked and pirouetted her way around the stage, before the dance descended into drunken sailor debauchery, to the tune of a speeded up version of Enya's Orninoco Flow.

Favourite of the burlesque and fetish scene Marnie Scarlet paced the stage in a bizarrely hairy latex outfit teamed with latex hood and top hat, flinging clouds of gold glitter at the crowd from her gloves, cleavage and crotch to the tune of the massive hit (you guessed it) Gold Dust. Her latex outfits of her own design are spectacular and dramatic creations. In the second half, her Poison Ivy act drew gasps from the crowd as she removed leaf adorned needles from her cleavage and inserted them into her arms, before sticking in some sparklers too for good measure, lighting them, and dancing around the stage.

Cute and sassy Frankie Lynn made an adorable cat as she emerged from a giant top hat, her feline ears peeking over the top, and proceeded to prowl and preen her way around the stage to "Love Cats". She truly embodied a mischievous feline of the night as she stalked and glared at the audience. Her other appearance of the evening saw her as a sorcerer's apprentice, drinking a mysterious elixir, and transforming into a galloping satyr. Her beautifully expressive face told each step of the story throughout her performance.

Burlesque newcomer Havana Hurricane played an accidentally sexy Alice in Wonderland, as she takes a sip from the 'drink me' bottle, and cannot control her body as it started to wiggle and dance. Marilyn Manson set the scene perfectly for her tongue in cheek, naughty performance.

Heresy n Heelz Heresy n Heelz

For her second act of the night, Havana Hurricane shimmied and moved around the stage with the energy and fluidity of a professional, hypnotising the audience with her swaying hips.

Kittie Klaw closed the show with her popular Britannia performance, stripping away layer after layer of her patriotic regalia to reveal Isis wings, fan dancing, and then coming to her final layer, (a union jack ensemble that wouldn't look a miss on Geri Halliwell) pulling out a flag that had been concealed somewhere in her outfit, and gyrating on it! The icing on the cake for her performance was a motorised chariot created by Jules Evans (host of Heresy N Heelz) leaving many in the audience wondering how on earth they could get their hands on one for themselves...

The musical entertainment for the evening was provided by The Graveyard Johnnies, an energetic and enjoyable rock n' roll band who played upbeat and uplifting music during the interval. As always at Heresy N Heelz, there were a tantalising selection of clothing and accessory stalls on show. Kalandra Jane Designs displayed their beautifully hand crafted (yet very reasonably priced) millinery, with fine mini top hats and cocktail hats. Beautiful latex accessories were available from Arcanum (LOVE the skull printed latex hair bows) and Zhyon latex, while Violaceous Latex displayed select pieces from their clothing line, with lookbooks available to view the rest of the collection. Kiku Boutique and Fetish Clothing at the Palace continued the display of local talent with their stunning corsets and burlesque accessories.

For their first Northern show, Heresy N Heelz have certainly shown they are a force to be reckoned with. For their next appearance, they will be returning to The Venue in Derby for a Halloween Horror spectacular, seeing the return of the unmissable and devastatingly sexy Vampire Queen Rosie Lugosi. Take part in the celebrations and buy your ticket now through

Photos : Kate Appleby.