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Remember those killer stiletto heels that tormented you so with their 8" heels, or the blistering pain from walking in those new high heels. Whilst there are some of us who will brave the pain to wear those stunning glittery Bordello heels, or tip toeing in a pair of 8" heels; some of us prefer to have a bit of comfort when we're on our feet all day for a show, or out all night.

Now thanks to a stunning little invention by Gel doctor those days of foot pain in your new killer heels are a thing of the past.

Heartinsoles are ingenious little gel pads with their cute heart shape, perfectly designed to fit into the heel, or toe area of your shoes. Each little heart is filled with gel to move under your foot and massage as you walk, this massaging effect helps to stimulates blood and oxygen circulation so the pain simply flows away as you walk.

These little heartinsoles were developed following the launch of Gel Doctor's highly successful Flosoles, which are full length gel pads designed to massage the whole foot area as you walk, & can even be heated up, or cooled down to provide comfort during the summer/winter months (we highly recommend warming them up this winter to slip in your flatter platform boots, & new rocks).

We tested their heartinsoles over various days and on both heel, and toe to see just how effective they were on a long day on our feet.


I first popped these in for a day out, slipped in the toe area of my heeled boots. They do take a fair bit of getting used to at first as the gel can be felt moving underfoot as you first get moving, which is a little different to other pads I'd tried previously which are more static when worn, but once you get used to the sensation it's rather relaxing on the foot. I took to the pads for a simple 2 hour jaunt at first to get used to them and they certainly were rather comfortable, the gel even warmed up as I walked about which at this time of the year was a warm welcome in the sole of my boots!

For my next outing I flipped the pads around to the heel area of my boots for a full day out at the big vintage fair, knowing that I'd be facing cobbled pavements in The printworks amongst Manchester's busy streets on a Saturday.

Having already adjusted to them on my last outing the sensation was much easier to get used to underfoot, negotiating the cobbled pavements and crowds certainly would have put extra pressure to my feet on any day, having the heartinsole under my heel did help to ease the pressure as I went throughout the day; clambering up the top floor of afflecks and winding through the staircases at the vintage fair.

I certainly noticed quite a difference to my feet after the day out, with minimal discomfort to my feet, and just a slight ache from the usual full day out on my feet. The gel action from the pads certainly was a huge comfort.

Heartinsoles are available now in 2 sizes to suit footwear from sizes 2 to 9 and in 2 colours, pink and clear.

You can find more about Heartinsoles at or their full range of products visit