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Alt Fashion's guide to fake hair : from dreads to colourful wigs.

Alternative dreadlock extensions

Fake hair is a wonderful, and incredibly easy to create a colourful new look without having to spend hours bleaching and dyeing your hair. It's enabled us to create some wonderfully inventive, unique and stylish alternative looks, with often minimal effort, enabling you to change your hair style just as easily as you change your clothing.

There's a wonderful world of hair styles to create with the aid of fake hair, from dreadlocks to cyberlox falls and vibrant wigs, instantly updating your look with ease. From a quick change with clip in extensions, to a more high maintenance but incredibly stylish look with synthetic dreads, your really spoilt for choice with what look to go for!

Fake hair has long been a crucial addition to the world of alternative style whether it's a colourful wig, or a set of hair falls, there's no limit to what you can create, all you need is a few essential pieces and you could soon be adorning an entirely new look.

With so much to choose from, it's all down to personal taste and preference with what hair style you want to go for. Do you want a look that you can change with ease to allow you to have a colourful alternative look outside of the workplace?, do you want an extra addition to your current hair style, such as colourful streaks or a clip on fringe to try out a new look?, or do you want to create a vibrant, bold look with dreadlocks? There's so many looks, styles and colours to choose from that you can instantly create any look you like with the addition of some amazing fake hair.

The quick and easy solution.

Wigs and extensions are by far the easiest way to change your hair style, many alternative retailers now stock a wide range of colourful wigs and clip in hair extensions that you can create any look you desire.

Both are easy to wear, and require minimal effort to place them over, or under your own hair. Clip in hair extensions can simply be placed under a layer of your own hair to add either a vibrant simple streak of colour to your current hair style, or as an extra addition to boost your current style. Items like clip on fringes are perfect if your not sure on a new look, and allow you to try out a new style with ease.

Wigs come in a wide variety of styles, simply tie your hair back and place a wig cap over your hair, placing the wig on top to finish the look off. Try a few different styles out and see what works best for you, wigs are a great way to instantly change your look without having to commit to a new style or hair colour.

Cyberlox hair falls

Sites like Lush Wigs have a great selection of wigs to shop from, Annabelle's Wigs are worth a visit for their vast range of hair extensions, stocking a selection of clip in fringes, and hair pieces.

Go for a completely new look.

Dreadlocks and dread extensions allow you to try out a completely new look, available in a wide range of styles from synthetic to roving and wool dreads, you can choose which style you prefer for a more dramatic or low maintenance look.

Dread extensions are similar in style to traditional dreadlocks but with more of an alternative flair, these dreads come in a wide range of colours and styles, from double ended colours, to styled twisted patterns.

Dread extensions compared to clip in ones do require much more time as these are often installed by a professional, but once installed they can last for months. With many styles available to choose from, you can find a list of professionals around the UK on our directory site who can help to create a new style for you with their amazing selections of dreadlocks.

Other fake hair looks.

It's not just dreads and wigs that can change your look, a quick change to your style can be achieved through the use of hair falls, such as cyberlox and synthetic hair falls. These are often attached to elastic or ribbon ties to wear over your hair style, such as a ponytail or bunches.

The best, and most effective way to wear these, is to tie your bunches or ponytail as high up as possible, allowing the falls to hang over and cover up your natural hair. Go for wool and dread falls for a vibrant look, or for more of a futuristic look go for cyberlox falls. You'll find a great selection of falls at Miss Needles for an attention grabbing look.

There's a world of styles to try out when it comes to fake hair, you can instantly update your look often with minimal effort, and it allows you to have a more creative look when at times you may not be able to at your workplace. Why not take a look around our directory site to find some great alternative sites selling fake hair, where you can also find alternative hair extension services near you.

Images: Prometeus/Dreamstime | Starush/Dreamstime