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The ultimate guide to gothic menswear

It does sometimes feel like we neglect you here at Alt Fashion, but fret not there is a world of alternative menswear out there to sample, you don't have to be restricted to black t-shirts and baggy camo's. We'll be bringing you a few select guides to alternative menswear starting with the gothic end of the spectrum, from cravats and waistcoats to squeaky clean latex.

gothic mens waistcoat

For those who prefer to take a gander through a wide selection of items to choose your poison, you of course can't go wrong with alternative emporium's such as Attitude clothing and Kates clothing who have a wide range of clothing, accessories and footwear to choose from.

Dependant on your gothic preferences, you may prefer a touch of steampunk to a more metal approach at gothic fashion or even dabble in a more romantic gothic look, so it's hard to know just where to start. To help we've picked a select few designers and companies who you may want to pay a visit.

If it's chains, studs, zombies and grim reapers that you prefer you may want to pay a visit to the likes of Darkside, Ed Stone and Spiral direct who have a wide range of graphic t-shirts, studded trousers and accessories to choose from.

If you prefer to look like the elegant Victorian gentleman then fret not you'll find some wonderful designers out there who are more than worth a look. The dark angel have been creating gorgeous gothic wares for decades and their newest range of menswear is certainly fitting. Pimpernel clothing, Medieval merchant and Drac in a box also have some excellent ranges in stock.

gothic mens trousers

If you prefer something a little shinier... for men's club wear and fetish wear you can find a range of latex wear at Cathouse clothing alongside designers dedicated especially to menswear such as RBRDUK and Dvote who have certainly created some rather unique pieces, polka dot heart prints and cogs anyone?!

It's also worth taking a quick look at sites like Phaze, The gothic shop and Angel clothing for a broad range of gothic menswear that you may be more familiar with.

You can find an even wider range of gothic menswear sites to tickle your fancy over at our extensive alternative directory.

Images: The dark angel & RBRDUK