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Festival of sins "Sloth" preview

This winter why not spend your time doing something a little more indulgent? Festival of sins returns for a "sloth" themed evening this December that's bound to tititize and entertain even the coldest of souls this winter.

With a stunning line up that features a plethora of performers, music, and rubber just for starters. What more an excuse do you need to dress up in your shiniest latex, tallest heels, & most restricting corset for a fashionable evening out.

Sparks will be flying with a touch of steampunk (The men who will not be named), fireworks, breath taking designs (Rubberluv & Twilight Siren), & sploshy treats (Gooey grappling girls), all tied up with a shimmery pop punk bow courtosey of Kiria.

Kiria has been making a name for herself in the alt music scene for her love of latex & stunning alt couture fashion, with a smattering of glam pop punk. As one of the performers at December's jam packed show we caught up to find out a bit more about her slot at the show, and her love of alternative fashion.

How did you start your musical career, & what inspires your music?

I started in a covers band called Odessa, as a guitarist. Well wet behind the ears but I soon realised I was a bit too creative to stick at that for long and joined a great, sleazy Rock and Roll band called Suck Baby Suck.

The lead singer was this beautiful, glamorous pin up called Katie, and I was infatuated. The whole band were really cool, much older than me but really exciting, creative people and I had a fabulous time and felt very inspired by the experience. I was so nervous I used to stand and play guitar with my back to the audience in stockings, corsets and seven inch heels so high I could hardly move to the point I had to use my effects pedals by hand on top of my amp! The rest is all that's happenin' now baby, and I'm lovin every second of it!

You're due to perform at the next festival of sins this December, are there any special treats we can expect at the show; we've already heard rumours of dwarves & filth being involved!?

Well, you know that phrase "if I tell you I will have to kill you" sprung straight to my mind here!! I never ever do the same show twice, and will certainly be pulling a few inspired ideas out of the bag for this event, as it's a Fetish Christmas special.

Festival of sins

My second outfit for the show has taken two fittings already and is not even finished, but looks amazing, and I have bullied the band into pulling out all the stops for it!. We also have an amazingly striking pair of special guests coming and, let's just say, nobody will be forgetting our show for a long time. There, didn't give much away now did I?!

You have an outstanding wardrobe of outfits; what drew you towards alternative fashion?

Thank you! I have never fit in or followed trends. I was always the lanky, odd kid growing up and had a very individual style of my own naturally, which I must say was pretty f***ing cool when I think about it for a kid from a poor background! I learnt how to trash things on the cheap, buy second hand/deface uniforms and make them look quirky because of the no money situation, which has definitely done me a favour!

I despise "fashion" in the mainstream sense of the word. It's for sheep that have no imagination most of the time. I don't like being dictated to by people who have nothing in common with me. I mean, one minute it's to wear huge stilettos, next minute it's all kitten heels (yuck!); If it was truly great in the first place they wouldn't keep changing it every five minutes would they? The only thing/item that gets changed regularly from my wardrobe is my knickers!

I like classic, sexy, trashy, wild clothing and shoes. I always have, and probably always will, so the alternative clothing world suits me perfectly!

Are there any designers or companies whom you particularly admire?

Wow! Well, most of the designers I Love are independent ones that make Rock And Roll/Pin Up style classic clothing, such as some of the labels that are part of Pin Up Girl Clothing in the USA, and in London I'd say anything by the latex designer Ana St Clair from Inner Sanctum, very talented and has made me some exceptional costumes! I also just acquired something from new to me Lady Lucie which I Love!

Natascha Marro makes amazing handmade shoes, and she's a lovely girl, she's up for making your wildest dreams come true so I Love her to bits but I think I need a lot more money to get all the things I would like in my collection!

Given the choice to save just one item of clothing or footwear from a rampant fire what would you save?

My own design concealed platform ribbon lace up Red shoes the aforementioned Miss Marro made, I can't live without looking at them or wearing them for a day or two!

& finally any final words of wisdom to share with our readers?

Yeah, be yourself always and don't follow any rules, ever!

You can find out more about Kiria at

Kiria will be performing amongst the likes of The men who will not be named, & Beautiful deadly children at Festival of sins "Sloth" event on the 11th December at The den & centro, West central street, London.