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Frequently asked questions - events and event publicity

alternative events

We get a lot of requests and queries from event organizers & traders attending events regarding features, publicity, event listings etc.. so we thought it was best to answer your questions and queries regarding events within Alt Fashion, sort of a handy reference guide if you will!

How can we help you?

Ever since Alt Fashion launched we've been helping to promote alternative events by running news stories and even reviewing events within our site. We understand ourselves from running a string of events how much work needs to be done to get those crucial customers coming in through the doors so we aim to help out where we can by promoting alternative events to help spread the word and increase your footfall.

What can you do for my event?

From time to time we do review events, as an example past events that we have reviewed have included:

Club Antichrist, London Edge, Dr Sketchy's North Wales & Chester and London tattoo convention.

As a guide we try to review events that have a cultural edge with plenty going on, such as conventions and exhibition shows, for example, to give our readers a really good insight into the event and what went on. We are however restricted to events nearby our contributing team so we may not be able to cover events UK wide, we are presently based in the North West & can cover events in the area most of the time, it's best to contact us if you'd like us to review your event and we'll go from there.

My event has been featured in a past issue of the magazine can I get a free copy?

As we ceased publishing our magazine we do not send out free copies of back issues, you should have received access details for your free digital edition at the time of publishing (only applies to issues after #18 when we went digital), otherwise please contact us for a tear sheet.

  *Can I get a tear sheet?

Yes, we will gladly provide tear sheets when requested for features. However as we are often busy at times please allow up to 2-3 days for us to get back to you with your tear sheet(s).

So how do I get in touch with you?

Simply get in touch to info[at] and we'll get back to you, during busy periods or when we are away this may take 2-3 days for us to get back to you.

  *I've sent you a message but haven't heard anything back.

In this case as mentioned above it can take us longer than normal to reply back during a busy period, or a holiday so please bare with us when responding to your message. Alt Fashion is essentially a one woman run operation, with occasional email assistance from our advertising assistant so most of the time you'll just be dealing with the editor, so please bare this in mind when waiting for a response.

If however you have not heard from us with 7 days please feel free to contact us again. Alternatively you can CC in our back up address: whenever you email us as this will come through to us.