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Alt Fashion End of year poll 2015

The winners are finally unveiled in our End of year poll, you certainly had a lot of favourites to nominate this year, with some firm favourites from last year's poll coming through once again for the public vote this year.

As always, it's been a rather close one with just a few votes standing between the nominees. We've counted up the votes and added up your nominations to unveil this year's winners in the End of year poll.

Congratulations to our winners and all of our wonderful nominees!

UK company

UK Company


The Dark Angel, Offend My Eyes & The Rogue + The Wolf

Winner, 2nd year running: The Dark Angel

UK designer

UK Designer


Eustratia, Wyte Phantom & Curiology

Winner : Wyte Phantom

UK shop

UK Shop


Pandemonium, Morgana/Hellraiser & The Imaginarium

Winner, 2nd year running: Pandemonium, Whitby

UK web shop

UK Web Shop


Kates Clothing, The Gothic Shop & Little Booteek

Winner, 2nd year running: Little Booteek

UK model

UK Model


Sarah Tonin, Lady Amaranth & Rosie Flame

Winner: Lady Amaranth

UK photographer

UK Photographer


Lunaesque, Horrify Me & My Boudoir

Winner: Horrify Me

Warning - some of the images on this page are not safe for work/18+

international company

International Company


Hades Footwear, Lip Service & Punkrave

Winner: Punkrave

international designer

International Designer


Eva Zolnar, Forge & Mother of London

Winner: Eva Zolnar

international web shop

International Web Shop


The Black Angel, Cats Like Us & Hot Topic

Winner: Cats Like Us

international model

International Model


Joan V, ReeRee Phillips & Kassie Katrine Lanfire

Winner, 2nd year running: Joan V

international photographer

International Photographer


Tamboly Photography & Design, Hanny Honeymoon Photography & John Wolfrik

Winner: Tamboly Photography & Design