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Alt Fashion end of year poll 2013

An annual Alt Fashion tradition since 2007, our way of showing appreciation for those who work hard to keep the alternative fashion industry going, recognising talent and giving thanks for their amazing work.

This years poll was rather close, with just a few figures inbetween the majority of the nominees. It's even been that close that this year we have a first with joint runners up in one category!

It's always an interesting insight into how the alternative fashion industry is being shaped at the moment, every year our nominees are different but the firm favourites shine through every year.

As always we're pleased to see our nominees get this far in our poll, if we could reward you all we most certainly would!

As per our tradition our lucky winners will be featured in a special end of year poll featurette, this will be featured online on our website shortly!

UK company

UK Company


Pendulous Threads, Illamasqua & The Dark Angel

Winner : Illamasqua

UK designer

UK Designer


Ferox clothing, Bloody Mary Metal & TPF Faerywear

Winner, 2nd year running : TPF Faerywear

UK site

UK Site


Kates clothing, The gothic shop & Little booteek

Winner : The gothic shop

UK shop

UK Shop


Pandemonium, Whitby; Morgana/Hellraiser, Wakefield & Imaginarium York

Winner : Morgana/Hellraiser

UK model

UK Model


Druidess of Midian, Dark Morte & Roswell Ivory

Winner : Druidess of Midian

UK photographer

*New* UK Photographer


Lunaesque, Kitty Kems Photography & Pirate Photography

Winner : Lunaesque

International company

International Company


Lip Service, Heavy Red, Shrine

Winner, 2nd year running : Lip Service

International designer

International Designer


Blood Milk, Jeannie Nitro & HMS Latex

Winner : HMS Latex

International site

International Site


Hot Topic, The black angel & Gentlemans emporium

Winner : Hot Topic

International model

International Model


Mosh, Jade Vixen & Countess Havok

Winner : Countess Havok

International photographer

*New* International Photographer


Yellow Bubbles Photography, Viona Art & Corwin Prescott

Winner : Viona Art