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Dr sketchys North Wales : mermaid pose

Dr Sketchy's anti-art school North Wales, Sunday class; 27th March.

A summer Sunday afternoon of mermaids, pastel dust, & tea.. not quite your average Sunday then. The first foray into Dr sketchy's North Wales new Sunday classes saw a rather suited mermaid theme to get things started.

Dr Sketchy's North Wales first sprung into action late last year, part of the U.S phenomena's ever growing UK chain of events. If you've never been to a Dr sketchy's class before then you're certainly in for a treat, it's an art class like no other with performers in place of life models, & whimsical themes in the place of those uninspiring white school walls.

Nestled in Saronies bar, at Prestatyn's Scala cinema; a dusting of sand, sea shells, & fabric set's off the sea fare surroundings for the afternoon. In a different atmosphere to the evening classes, the Sunday sketchy's was created to provide longer sketching time, in a more relaxed atmosphere. Closer to your traditional art class, but still with all the usual Dr sketchy's traits in an extended form./p>

Dr sketchys North wales : sketches

With our mermaid for the afternoon all swept up, plenty of poses & sketches were under way. With a relaxed audience drawing away in all forms, the free flowing atmosphere was certainly in place; and with all that extra time you could easily talk amongst yourselves for tips, or simply check out each others work in between poses.

With the longer sketching time, there was certainly more time to be inventive with your drawing. I'd braved dusting out some old chalk pastels for the class to really get into the swing of things; being covered in a mound of green & blue dust certainly takes you back.

You could barely notice the 30 minute poses going by, with such a relaxed setting you could easily loose yourself in the sketch.

Whilst there may not be the notes of tease & free flowing booze from the evening classes; the atmosphere was certainly in place. A marvellous add on to the already successful evening classes, and a great introduction to drawing for those a little newer to the art form, or simply wanting to brush up on their skills.

For further details & future class dates visit

Mermaid: Sarah Tonin | Photos: Roy Barry photography