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Dr sketchys North Wales : the happy couple

Dr Sketchy's anti-art school North Wales, Regally yours; April 28th.

"I just saw Margaret Thatcher spanking Prince William.." not everyone can claim to have spent their Royal wedding weekend witnessing such debauchery, but of course this isn't your normal weekend at all this was a very special Dr sketchy's send off for the royal couple.

Dr Sketchy's anti-art school North Wales certainly knows how to put on a celebration, the room is decked out with champers, cake, & balloons in a very fitting royal theme for the evenings events.

Kate & Wills (aka burlesque starlets Honey wilde & Frank Diablo) took to the grand aisle at Saronies bar to their adoring crowd for an evening of sketching frivolities. The usual mayhem of the evening class was to be expected, it's an art class that certainly puts the fun back into drawing. Whether you've put the pencils down long ago, or simply not taken it up before, it's a relaxing, and entertaining way to get into the swing of things.

Dr sketchys North wales : the iron lady and wills

Short sketches are paced throughout the evening, little introductions if you will to warm you up for the evenings grand finale. With the big event, fitting couple poses are drawn adding a touch of imagination to the wedding crowd.

Then how could we forget the special vip guest of the evening! The iron lady herself makes a special appearance to bless the happy couple, armed with a whip & her royal blue diamante lingerie.. yes that's right darlings, royalist diamante lingerie..

Interrupting the wedding night to join in with a bit of slap & tickle for the sketching audience, oh my! Certainly a selection of wedding sketches to remember for the happy couple. Leading up to the grand finale with a royal commemorative plate that would put Royal Doulton to shame. Certainly a pinch of imagination for the sketchers to put a finishing sparkle to the evening.

You can't say that it wasn't a memorable royal weekend with such a glamorous bash for the crowd at Dr Sketchys North Wales.

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Photos: Roy Barry photography