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Dr sketchys North Wales : big bad wolf and little red riding hood

Dr Sketchy's anti-art school North Wales & Chester goes Grimm; 5th April.

"Oh my what big ears you have!", Dr Sketchy's North Wales & Chester donned it's red cloak and braved the dark eery forest for a fairytale Brothers Grimm inspired class. But this wasn't fronted by a shy little red riding hood, oh no, as always with the class that celebrates the art of tease this was fronted by a rather raunchy little red riding hood & the big bad wolf.

Starring Lola Lashes & Lolly Liquor as little red riding hood & the big bad wolf in perhaps one of the most tongue in cheek versions of the characters, certainly getting the class in the mood for the evening.

As Lola Lashes took to the stage to start the evening's first round of sketches off, the usual mayhem of the evenings class was to be expected, it's an art class that certainly puts the fun back into drawing. Short sketches are paced throughout the evening, little introductions if you will to warm you up for the evenings grand finale.

After a brief break the class kicks off with a bang seeing Lola Lashes & Lolly Liquor take the stage with their signature big bad wolf performance.

Dr sketchys North wales : sketches

A touch of neo burlesque with plenty of comic humour as the big bad wolf mauls little red riding hood in a flurry of comical feathers and tongue in cheek performance. Not one to take such things lying down of course as we get back into the sketching spirit of things little red riding hood eventually tames her wolf for the evenings big sketches, resulting in plenty of creative sketching from the crowd.

As the evening rounds up it's certainly been a packed show atThe laugh inn with plenty of sketches to browse over from the crowd at the end of the night. Chester's certainly taken to the sketchy's spirit of things & looks set to grow throughout the year's run of classes. Why not take up a spot of Dr Sketchy's for yourself at the next class, Cream Tease kicks off on June 21st at The Laugh inn for an evening of burlesque & cake, fabulous!

To book your place at the next class, or find more future dates visit

Photos: Leona Turford Photography